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  • Strong Medicine (1986)
  • TV Movie | 180 min | Drama
Strong Medicine (1986)
TV Movie | 180 min | Drama

A woman starts working for a prestigious pharmaceutical company that's developing a new miraculous cure. Soon, she discovers what a devious and cut-throat business pharmaceutical industry can be.
Arthur Hailey (novel "Strong Medicine") | Rita Lakin
Production Designer
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Updated Aug 31, 1986

Release date
Aug 1986 (United Kingdom)


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56 cast members
Name Known for
Pamela Sue Martin
Celia Grey Celia Grey   See fewer
Patrick Duffy
Dr. Andrew Jordan Dr. Andrew Jordan   See fewer
Dick Van Dyke
Sam Hawthorne Sam Hawthorne   See fewer
Ben Cross
Martin Taylor Martin Taylor   See fewer
Sam Neill
Vince Lord Vince Lord   See fewer
Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Eli Camperdown Eli Camperdown   See fewer
Annette O'Toole
Jessica Weitz Jessica Weitz   See fewer
Gayle Hunnicutt
Lillian Hawthorne Lillian Hawthorne   See fewer
Kristoffer Tabori
Michael Stein Michael Stein   See fewer
Michael Thoma
Bill Weitz Bill Weitz   See fewer
T.P. McKenna
Dr. Sweeting Dr. Sweeting   See fewer
Alan Oppenheimer
Dr. Noah Townsend Dr. Noah Townsend   See fewer
Jay Bura
Billy (Age 8) Billy (Age 8)   See fewer
Richard Butler
Martin's Father Martin's Father   See fewer
Dennis Creaghan
Clint Etheridge Clint Etheridge   See fewer
Charlotte Day
Lisa (Age 3) Lisa (Age 3)   See fewer
Lauren Day
Lisa (Age 4) Lisa (Age 4)   See fewer
Anthony Funnell
Billy (Age 4-6) Billy (Age 4-6)   See fewer
Thomasine Heiner
Mildred Mildred   See fewer
Richard Holmes
Kevin (as Otto Jarman) Kevin (as Otto Jarman)   See fewer
Delena Kidd
Flora Stedman Flora Stedman   See fewer
Douglas Lambert
Bud Jones Bud Jones   See fewer
Hannah Morris
Lisa (Age 6) Lisa (Age 6)   See fewer
Hayward Morse
Tony Redmond Tony Redmond   See fewer
Patricia Prior
Martin's Mother Martin's Mother   See fewer
Donna Yeager
Sandra Sandra   See fewer
David Gilliam
Personnel Director Personnel Director   See fewer
Robert Arden
Dr. Potter Dr. Potter   See fewer
Weston Gavin
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Tony Sibbald
Dr. James Dr. James   See fewer
Andrea Browne
Mary Rowe Mary Rowe   See fewer
Ian Taylor
John Rowe John Rowe   See fewer
John Cassady
1st Salesman 1st Salesman   See fewer
Mac McDonald
2nd Salesman 2nd Salesman   See fewer
Bob Sherman
Senator Donahue Senator Donahue   See fewer
Peter Hutchins
Kurt Wyrazik Kurt Wyrazik   See fewer
Michael Myers
Young Page Young Page   See fewer
Christopher Morcke
Personnel Officer Personnel Officer   See fewer
Veralyn Jones
Actress Actress   See fewer
Ross Donnelly
Crying Child (uncredited) Crying Child (uncredited)   See fewer
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