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  • Running Scared (1986)
  • R
    107 min | Action, Comedy, Crime
Running Scared (1986)
107 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

Two street-wise Chicago cops have to shake off some rust after returning from a Key West vacation to pursue a drug dealer who nearly killed them in the past.
Gary DeVore (story by) (screenplay by) | Jimmy Huston (screenplay by)
David Foster (produced by) | Lawrence Turman (produced by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Jun 27, 1986 (United States)


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55 cast members
Name Known for
Gregory Hines
Ray Hughes Ray Hughes   See fewer
Billy Crystal
Danny Costanzo Danny Costanzo   See fewer
Darlanne Fluegel
Anna Costanzo Anna Costanzo   See fewer
Dan Hedaya
Captain Logan Captain Logan   See fewer
Jon Gries
Tony (as Jonathan Gries) Tony (as Jonathan Gries)   See fewer
Tracy Reed
Maryann Maryann   See fewer
Jimmy Smits
Julio Gonzales Julio Gonzales   See fewer
John DiSanti
Vinnie Vinnie   See fewer
Don Calfa
Women's Room Lawyer Women's Room Lawyer   See fewer
Robert Lesser
Supoena Lawyer Supoena Lawyer   See fewer
Betty Carvalho
Apartment Manager Apartment Manager   See fewer
Ron Cummins
Paging Officer Paging Officer   See fewer
Natividad Ríos Kearsley
Nude Woman (as Natividad Rios Kersley) Nude Woman (as Natividad Rios Kersley)   See fewer
John LaMotta
Evidence Officer Evidence Officer   See fewer
Richard Kuss
Desk Officer Desk Officer   See fewer
Jeff Silverman
Property Officer Property Officer   See fewer
Dax Brooks
Apartment Manager's Son Apartment Manager's Son   See fewer
Jaime Alba
Tatoo Customer Tatoo Customer   See fewer
Debbie Johnson
Lunch Girl Lunch Girl   See fewer
Fred Buch
Bank Manager Bank Manager   See fewer
Ricardo Gutiérrez
Sgt. Garcia (as Ricardo Guiterrez) Sgt. Garcia (as Ricardo Guiterrez)   See fewer
Frankie Davila
Juan Martinez Juan Martinez   See fewer
Ernest Perry Jr.
Adam Robertson Adam Robertson   See fewer
Etel Billig
Aunt Sophie Aunt Sophie   See fewer
James Noah
Funeral Priest Funeral Priest   See fewer
Bob Zrna
Father Gibson Father Gibson   See fewer
Deanna Dunagan
Sister Rebecca Sister Rebecca   See fewer
Joe Guastaferro
Fireman Fireman   See fewer
Mike Bacarella
TV Box Loader TV Box Loader   See fewer
Tony Zurita Jr.
Camino Real Kid Camino Real Kid   See fewer
Saralynne Crittenden
Hostage Lady Hostage Lady   See fewer
Jim Ortlieb
Lab Technician Lab Technician   See fewer
Julian Pena
Columbian Youth Columbian Youth   See fewer
Alex Leonard Jenkins
Impound Officer Impound Officer   See fewer
William Lozada
Basketball Punk Basketball Punk   See fewer
Irma O'Quendo
Hispanic Girl Hispanic Girl   See fewer
Joel Becker
Custom Official Custom Official   See fewer
Kevin Bassett
Extra (uncredited) Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
Stephen Burrows
Perplexed EL Passenger (uncredited) Perplexed EL Passenger (uncredited)   See fewer
Luis Contreras
Thug (uncredited) Thug (uncredited)   See fewer
Bob Harks
Pedestrian (uncredited) Pedestrian (uncredited)   See fewer
Robert A. Janz
Motorman (uncredited) Motorman (uncredited)   See fewer
James Leaming
Undercover Cop (uncredited) Undercover Cop (uncredited)   See fewer
Al Leong
Henchman (uncredited) Henchman (uncredited)   See fewer
Robert Minkoff
Bit (uncredited) Bit (uncredited)   See fewer
Rick Sawaya
Snake's Killer (uncredited) Snake's Killer (uncredited)   See fewer
Adrian Tafoya
Police Officer (uncredited) Police Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
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