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  • Stitches (1985)
  • R
    89 min | Comedy
Stitches (1985)
89 min | Comedy

The misadventures of three students in medical school.
Rod Holcomb (as Alan Smithee) | Alan Smithee (really Rod Holcomb)
Michel Choquette (written by) | Michael Paseornek (written by)
William Kerr (as William B. Kerr) | Robert P. Marcucci

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Updated Aug 23, 1985

Release date
Aug 23, 1985 (United States)


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60 cast members
Name Known for
Parker Stevenson
Bobby Stevens Bobby Stevens   See fewer
Geoffrey Lewis
Ralph Rizzo Ralph Rizzo   See fewer
Brian Tochi
Sam Boon Tong Sam Boon Tong   See fewer
Robin Dearden
Nancy McNaughton Nancy McNaughton   See fewer
Robert Dubac
Al Rosenberg (as Bob Dubac) Al Rosenberg (as Bob Dubac)   See fewer
Tommy Koenig
Barfer Bogan Barfer Bogan   See fewer
Ken Stovitz
Howard Pierce Howard Pierce   See fewer
Sydney Lassick
Sheldon Mendelbaum Sheldon Mendelbaum   See fewer
Eddie Albert
Dean Bradley Dean Bradley   See fewer
Russ Marin
Dr. Sidney Berman Dr. Sidney Berman   See fewer
Ed McNamara
Osgood Hamilton Jr. Osgood Hamilton Jr.   See fewer
Susanne Wasson
Judith Bradley Judith Bradley   See fewer
Daniel Greene
Ted Fletcher Ted Fletcher   See fewer
Tony Longo
Student Jock Student Jock   See fewer
Murray Langston
Ramon the Florist Ramon the Florist   See fewer
Irene Olga López
Hispanic Woman Hispanic Woman   See fewer
Antony Ponzini
Commentator Commentator   See fewer
Frank Annese
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Deborah Fallender
Nurse #1 Nurse #1   See fewer
Stephanie Faulkner
Nurse #2 Nurse #2   See fewer
Lucinda Crosby
Nurse #5 Nurse #5   See fewer
Rebecca Perle
Bambi Bilenka Bambi Bilenka   See fewer
John Ingle
Dr. Claxton Fowler Dr. Claxton Fowler   See fewer
Leslie Jacob
Barbara McGee Barbara McGee   See fewer
Dr. Ali Khalid Dr. Ali Khalid   See fewer
Judy Sharp
Dr. Hilary Green Dr. Hilary Green   See fewer
Jayson Kane
Dr. Richard Fields Dr. Richard Fields   See fewer
Matthew Tobin
Ozzie Hamilton Jr. Ozzie Hamilton Jr.   See fewer
Ellen Crawford
Miss Marshall Miss Marshall   See fewer
Earl Montgomery
Professor Collins (as Earl Montgomery Jr.) Professor Collins (as Earl Montgomery Jr.)   See fewer
Danna Hansen
Female Instructor Female Instructor   See fewer
Pattii Oltremare
Punk Band Punk Band   See fewer
Anthony Travalini
Male Vocalist Male Vocalist   See fewer
Leonard Simon
Dr. Clifton-Edwards Dr. Clifton-Edwards   See fewer
Marii Mak
Oriental Girl Oriental Girl   See fewer
Dennis Brown
Student #1 Student #1   See fewer
Tony Rush
Student #2 Student #2   See fewer
Sandy Hackett
Student #3 Student #3   See fewer
Anthony Henderson
Student #4 Student #4   See fewer
Ed Karvoski
Student #5 Student #5   See fewer
Susan Wolf
Professor Professor   See fewer
Sally Champlin
Head Nurse Head Nurse   See fewer
Diana Fredricks
Nurse #4 Nurse #4   See fewer
Lisa Figueroa
Nurse #6 Nurse #6   See fewer
Peggy Kubena
Blonde Nurse Blonde Nurse   See fewer
Lee Lucas
Anal Student #1 Anal Student #1   See fewer
Randy Vasquez
Anal Student #2 (as Randy Gallion) Anal Student #2 (as Randy Gallion)   See fewer
Bryant Wheat
Security Guard Security Guard   See fewer
John C. McLaughlin
Dr. Wright Dr. Wright   See fewer
Robert Anthony Marcucci
Physical Student (as Robert A. Marcucci) Physical Student (as Robert A. Marcucci)   See fewer
Nadine Evins
Nurse (uncredited) Nurse (uncredited)   See fewer
John Richard Petersen
Med. Student (uncredited) Med. Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Ron Preston
Reggie (uncredited) Reggie (uncredited)   See fewer
John Vance
College Student (uncredited) College Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Kyle J. Wood
Med. Student / Giant Scissors (uncredited) Med. Student / Giant Scissors (uncredited)   See fewer
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