Pale Rider (1985)
115 min | Drama, Western

A mysterious preacher (Clint Eastwood) protects a humble prospector village from a greedy mining company trying to encroach on their land.
Production Designer
Edward C. Carfagno (as Edward Carfagno)
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Release date
Jun 28, 1985 (United States)


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49 cast members
Name Known for
Clint Eastwood
Preacher Preacher   See fewer
Michael Moriarty
Hull Barret Hull Barret   See fewer
Carrie Snodgress
Sarah Wheeler Sarah Wheeler   See fewer
Chris Penn
Josh LaHood (as Christopher Penn) Josh LaHood (as Christopher Penn)   See fewer
Richard Dysart
Coy LaHood Coy LaHood   See fewer
Sydney Penny
Megan Wheeler Megan Wheeler   See fewer
Doug McGrath
Spider Conway Spider Conway   See fewer
John Russell
Stockburn Stockburn   See fewer
Fran Ryan
Ma Blankenship Ma Blankenship   See fewer
Richard Hamilton
Jed Blankenship Jed Blankenship   See fewer
Graham Paul
Ev Gossage Ev Gossage   See fewer
Chuck Lafont
Eddie Conway (as Chuck LaFont) Eddie Conway (as Chuck LaFont)   See fewer
Jeffrey Weissman
Teddy Conway Teddy Conway   See fewer
Randy Oglesby
Elam (as Tom Oglesby) Elam (as Tom Oglesby)   See fewer
Herman Poppe
Ulrik Lindquist Ulrik Lindquist   See fewer
Kathleen Wygle
Bess Gossage Bess Gossage   See fewer
Terrence Evans
Jake Henderson Jake Henderson   See fewer
Jim Hitson
Biggs Biggs   See fewer
Thomas H. Friedkin
Miner Tom (as Tom Friedkin) Miner Tom (as Tom Friedkin)   See fewer
S.A. Griffin
Deputy Folke Deputy Folke   See fewer
Jack Radosta
Deputy Grissom Deputy Grissom   See fewer
Robert Winley
Deputy Kobold Deputy Kobold   See fewer
Billy Drago
Deputy Mather Deputy Mather   See fewer
Jeffrey Josephson
Deputy Sedge Deputy Sedge   See fewer
John Dennis Johnston
Deputy Tucker Deputy Tucker   See fewer
Michael Adams
Horseman (as Mike Adams) Horseman (as Mike Adams)   See fewer
Clay M. Lilley
Horseman (as Clay Lilley) Horseman (as Clay Lilley)   See fewer
Gene Hartline
Horseman Horseman   See fewer
R.L. Tolbert
Horseman Horseman   See fewer
Clifford Happy
Horseman (as Cliff Happy) Horseman (as Cliff Happy)   See fewer
Ross Loney
Horseman Horseman   See fewer
Larry Randles
Horseman Horseman   See fewer
Mike H. McGaughy
Horseman (as Mike McGaughy) Horseman (as Mike McGaughy)   See fewer
Jerry Gatlin
Horseman (as Gerry Gatlin) Horseman (as Gerry Gatlin)   See fewer
Lloyd Nelson
Bank Teller Bank Teller   See fewer
Jay K. Fishburn
Telegrapher Telegrapher   See fewer
George Orrison
Stationmaster Whitey Stationmaster Whitey   See fewer
Mike Munsey
Dentist / Barber Dentist / Barber   See fewer
Keith Dillin
Blacksmith Blacksmith   See fewer
Buddy Van Horn
Stage Driver (as Wayne Van Horn) Stage Driver (as Wayne Van Horn)   See fewer
Fritz Manes
Stage Rider Stage Rider   See fewer
Glenn Wright
Stage Rider Stage Rider   See fewer
Kate Britton
Blonde toddler (uncredited) Blonde toddler (uncredited)   See fewer
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