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  • Mask (1985)
  • PG-13
    120 min | Biography, Drama
Mask (1985)
120 min | Biography, Drama

A teenager with a massive facial skull deformity and biker gang mother attempt to live as normal a life as possible under the circumstances.
Peter Bogdanovich (directed by)
Anna Hamilton Phelan (written by)
Martin Starger (produced by)
László Kovács (as Laszlo Kovacs)
Casting Directors
Jackie Burch (casting by) | Michael Chinich (casting by)
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Release date
Mar 22, 1985 (United States)


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59 cast members
Name Known for
Rusty Dennis Rusty Dennis   See fewer
Eric Stoltz
Rocky Dennis Rocky Dennis   See fewer
Estelle Getty
Evelyn Steinberg Evelyn Steinberg   See fewer
Laura Dern
Diana Diana   See fewer
Ben Piazza
Mr. Simms Mr. Simms   See fewer
Kelly Jo Minter
Lorrie (as Kelly Minter) Lorrie (as Kelly Minter)   See fewer
Joe Unger
1st Boyfriend 1st Boyfriend   See fewer
Todd Allen
Canuck Canuck   See fewer
Howard Hirdler
Stickman Stickman   See fewer
Jeannie Dimter Barton
Jr. High Secretary Jr. High Secretary   See fewer
Steve James
Hospital Intern Hospital Intern   See fewer
Cathy Arden
Hospital Doctor Hospital Doctor   See fewer
Andrew Robinson
Dr. Vinton Dr. Vinton   See fewer
Ivan J. Rado
Dr. Rudinsky Dr. Rudinsky   See fewer
Anna Hamilton Phelan
Puppy Lady Puppy Lady   See fewer
Wayne Grace
Drug Dealer Drug Dealer   See fewer
Jo-El Sonnier
Sunshine Sunshine   See fewer
Rebecca Wood
Angel (as Rebecca Sharkey) Angel (as Rebecca Sharkey)   See fewer
Paige Matthews
Stickman's Girl Stickman's Girl   See fewer
Patricia Pelham
Canuck's Girl Canuck's Girl   See fewer
Gale Ricketts
Sunshine's Girl Sunshine's Girl   See fewer
Stan Ross
Drunken Biker Drunken Biker   See fewer
Scott Willardsen
Jr. High Student Jr. High Student   See fewer
Marsha Warfield
Homeroom Teacher Homeroom Teacher   See fewer
Allison Roth
Nancy Lawrence Nancy Lawrence   See fewer
David Scott Milton
History Teacher History Teacher   See fewer
Creed Bratton
Carnival Ticket Taker Carnival Ticket Taker   See fewer
Charles Taylor
2nd Boyfriend 2nd Boyfriend   See fewer
Rummel Mor
Track Runner Track Runner   See fewer
Barry Tubb
Dewey Dewey   See fewer
Marilyn Hamilton
Mr. Kaplan's Aide Mr. Kaplan's Aide   See fewer
Anna Thea Bogdanovich
Woman Counselor (as Anna Thea) Woman Counselor (as Anna Thea)   See fewer
Louis Waldon
Camp Cook Camp Cook   See fewer
Toni Sawyer
Mrs. Adams Mrs. Adams   See fewer
Lou Felder
Mr. Adams Mr. Adams   See fewer
Christopher Rydell
Senior High Student Senior High Student   See fewer
Beth McKinley
Senior High Student Senior High Student   See fewer
Jill Whitlow
Anne Marie Anne Marie   See fewer
Eddie Paul
Biker Biker   See fewer
Michael Adams
Biker (as Mike Adams) Biker (as Mike Adams)   See fewer
Bill Baker
High School Student (uncredited) High School Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Gary Brooks
Deaf Camper (uncredited) Deaf Camper (uncredited)   See fewer
Robert 'Duckie' Carpenter
Blind Boy (uncredited) Blind Boy (uncredited)   See fewer
Dorothy Hack
Biker Woman (uncredited) Biker Woman (uncredited)   See fewer
Djuna Hobbs
Camp Counselor (uncredited) Camp Counselor (uncredited)   See fewer
Kevin Schumm
Blind Youth (uncredited) Blind Youth (uncredited)   See fewer
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