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  • Lifeforce (1985)
  • R
    101 min | Action, Horror, Mystery
Lifeforce (1985)
101 min | Action, Horror, Mystery

A race of space vampires arrives in London and infects the populace, beginning an apocalyptic descent into chaos.
Colin Wilson (novel "The Space Vampires") | Dan O'Bannon (screenplay) | Don Jakoby (screenplay)
Production Designer
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Release date
Jun 21, 1985 (United States)


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72 cast members
Name Known for
Steve Railsback
Col. Tom Carlsen Col. Tom Carlsen   See fewer
Peter Firth
Col. Colin Caine Col. Colin Caine   See fewer
Frank Finlay
Dr. Hans Fallada Dr. Hans Fallada   See fewer
Mathilda May
Space Girl Space Girl   See fewer
Patrick Stewart
Dr. Armstrong Dr. Armstrong   See fewer
Michael Gothard
Dr. Bukovsky Dr. Bukovsky   See fewer
Nicholas Ball
Roger Derebridge Roger Derebridge   See fewer
Aubrey Morris
Sir Percy Heseltine Sir Percy Heseltine   See fewer
Nancy Paul
Ellen Donaldson Ellen Donaldson   See fewer
John Hallam
Lamson Lamson   See fewer
Chris Jagger
First Vampire (as Christopher Jagger) First Vampire (as Christopher Jagger)   See fewer
Bill Malin
Second Vampire Second Vampire   See fewer
Jerome Willis
Pathologist Pathologist   See fewer
Derek Benfield
Physician Physician   See fewer
John Woodnutt
Metallurgist Metallurgist   See fewer
John Forbes-Robertson
The Minister (as James Forbes-Robertson) The Minister (as James Forbes-Robertson)   See fewer
Peter Porteous
Prime Minister Prime Minister   See fewer
Katherine Schofield
Prime Minister's Secretary Prime Minister's Secretary   See fewer
Owen Holder
First Scientist First Scientist   See fewer
Jamie Roberts
Rawlings Rawlings   See fewer
Russell Sommers
Navigation Officer Navigation Officer   See fewer
Patrick Connor
Fatherly Guard Fatherly Guard   See fewer
Sidney Kean
Brash Guard Brash Guard   See fewer
Paul Cooper
Second Guard Second Guard   See fewer
Milton Cadman
First Soldier First Soldier   See fewer
Rupert Baker
Second Soldier Second Soldier   See fewer
Gary Hildreth
Police Surgeon Police Surgeon   See fewer
Edward Evans
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Nicholas Donnelly
Police Inspector Police Inspector   See fewer
Peter Lovstrom
First Boy in Park (as Peter Løvstrøm) First Boy in Park (as Peter Løvstrøm)   See fewer
Julian Firth
Second Boy in Park Second Boy in Park   See fewer
Carl Rigg
Brendan - First Radar Technician Brendan - First Radar Technician   See fewer
Elizabeth Heery
Second Radar Technician (as Elizabeth Morton) Second Radar Technician (as Elizabeth Morton)   See fewer
Geoffrey Frederick
Communications Officer Communications Officer   See fewer
David English
First Crewperson First Crewperson   See fewer
Emma Jacobs
Second Crewperson Second Crewperson   See fewer
Michael John Paliotti
Third Crewperson Third Crewperson   See fewer
Brian Carroll
Fourth Crewperson Fourth Crewperson   See fewer
Richard Oldfield
Mission Leader Mission Leader   See fewer
Christopher Barr
Trajectory Officer Trajectory Officer   See fewer
Burnell Tucker
N.A.S.A. Man N.A.S.A. Man   See fewer
Thom Booker
First N.A.S.A. Officer First N.A.S.A. Officer   See fewer
Michael Fitzpatrick
Second N.A.S.A. Officer Second N.A.S.A. Officer   See fewer
Richard D. Sharp
Ship Crewman (as Richard Sharpe) Ship Crewman (as Richard Sharpe)   See fewer
John Golightly
Colonel Colonel   See fewer
William Lindsay
Colonel's Aide Colonel's Aide   See fewer
David Beckett
Soldier Soldier   See fewer
Sidney Livingstone
Ned Price (as Sydney Livingstone) Ned Price (as Sydney Livingstone)   See fewer
Ken Parry
Sykes Sykes   See fewer
John Edmunds
BBC Commentator BBC Commentator   See fewer
Haydn Wood
Helicopter Pilot Helicopter Pilot   See fewer
John Larroquette
Narrator (unconfirmed) Narrator (unconfirmed)   See fewer
Del Baker
Soldier at Greenwich (uncredited) Soldier at Greenwich (uncredited)   See fewer
John Benson
Man on Tannoy (uncredited) Man on Tannoy (uncredited)   See fewer
Simon Collins
Mime Artist (uncredited) Mime Artist (uncredited)   See fewer
Barrie Holland
London Man (uncredited) London Man (uncredited)   See fewer
Frank Jakeman
Soldier (uncredited) Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
Patrick Jordan
Communications Officer (voice) (uncredited) Communications Officer (voice) (uncredited)   See fewer
Derek Lyons
Zombie (uncredited) Zombie (uncredited)   See fewer
Hauke Martin
Zombie Shot in Head (uncredited) Zombie Shot in Head (uncredited)   See fewer
Stuart Milligan
NASA Technician (uncredited) NASA Technician (uncredited)   See fewer
Mike Mungarvan
Policeman (uncredited) Policeman (uncredited)   See fewer
James Payne
NASA Man (uncredited) NASA Man (uncredited)   See fewer
Brychan Powell
VIP (uncredited) VIP (uncredited)   See fewer
Peter Roy
Poilceman (uncredited) Poilceman (uncredited)   See fewer
Kerry Shale
Rawlins (voice) (uncredited) Rawlins (voice) (uncredited)   See fewer
Guy Standeven
Technician (uncredited) Technician (uncredited)   See fewer
Derek Suthern
Policeman (uncredited) Policeman (uncredited)   See fewer
Tip Tipping
Man Attacked by Zombies (uncredited) Man Attacked by Zombies (uncredited)   See fewer
Chris Webb
Various Zombies (uncredited) Various Zombies (uncredited)   See fewer
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