The Ratings Game (1984)
Not Rated
TV Movie | 102 min | Comedy, Romance

A newly rich New Jersey trucker moves to Hollywood and creates a slew of hit TV shows by manipulating the ratings system with help from his girlfriend in the ratings business.
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Tim Suhrstedt (as Timothy Suhrstedt)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Dec 15, 1984

Release date
Dec 15, 1984 (United States)


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74 cast members
Name Known for
Danny DeVito
Vic DeSalvo Vic DeSalvo   See fewer
Rhea Perlman
Francine Kester Francine Kester   See fewer
Gerrit Graham
Parker Braithwaite Parker Braithwaite   See fewer
Bernadette Birkett
Mrs. Sweeney Mrs. Sweeney   See fewer
Barry Corbin
The Colonel The Colonel   See fewer
Louis Giambalvo
Goody DeSalvo Goody DeSalvo   See fewer
Ronny Graham
Cap'n Andy Cap'n Andy   See fewer
Huntz Hall
Benny Bentson Benny Bentson   See fewer
Basil Hoffman
Frank Friedlander Frank Friedlander   See fewer
Kevin McCarthy
Wes Vandergelder Wes Vandergelder   See fewer
Ron Rifkin
T.V. Director T.V. Director   See fewer
Vincent Schiavelli
Skip Imperiali Skip Imperiali   See fewer
Fred Scialla
Richie DeSalvo Richie DeSalvo   See fewer
George Wendt
Mr. Sweeney Mr. Sweeney   See fewer
Randi Brooks
Teresa Teresa   See fewer
Gela Nash
Tamara (as Gela Jacobson) Tamara (as Gela Jacobson)   See fewer
Gail Barle
Hamilton's Girl Hamilton's Girl   See fewer
Allyce Beasley
Paisan Receptionist Paisan Receptionist   See fewer
Peter Brocco
Vic's Tailor Vic's Tailor   See fewer
Jacqueline Cassell
MBC Secretary MBC Secretary   See fewer
Selma Diamond
Francine's Mother (voice) Francine's Mother (voice)   See fewer
Michael Ensign
Le Boeuf Maitre d' Le Boeuf Maitre d'   See fewer
Stephanie Fisher
Mercedes Blonde Mercedes Blonde   See fewer
Michael Gallup
Opera Singer Opera Singer   See fewer
Stan Haze
Levar Levar   See fewer
Jason Hervey
Todd Sweeney Todd Sweeney   See fewer
Damon Hines
Woodrow T. Brown Woodrow T. Brown   See fewer
Jerry Hoffman
Mr. Foley Mr. Foley   See fewer
Kenneth Kimmins
Network Spokesman Network Spokesman   See fewer
Bruce Kimmel
W*A*C*ked Out Recruit W*A*C*ked Out Recruit   See fewer
Katie La Bourdette
Le Boeuf Woman (as Katie LaBourdette) Le Boeuf Woman (as Katie LaBourdette)   See fewer
Jeffrey Lampert
MBC Guard MBC Guard   See fewer
James Le Gros
Car Attendant (as James Legros) Car Attendant (as James Legros)   See fewer
Randall Miller
Car Attendant Car Attendant   See fewer
Joey DePinto
Teamster Sailor (as Joey Pento) Teamster Sailor (as Joey Pento)   See fewer
Susan Peretz
Network Receptionist Network Receptionist   See fewer
Bob Perlow
Warm-Up Comic Warm-Up Comic   See fewer
Hal Riddle
The Dean The Dean   See fewer
Jerry Seinfeld
Network Rep Network Rep   See fewer
Harvey Miller
Network Rep #2 (as Harvey Skolnick) Network Rep #2 (as Harvey Skolnick)   See fewer
J.T. Solomon
Mrs. Johnson Mrs. Johnson   See fewer
Charlie Stavola
Cop #1 (as Charles Stavola) Cop #1 (as Charles Stavola)   See fewer
Lisle Wilson
Mr. Johnson Mr. Johnson   See fewer
Lee Ving
The Dawn Patrol The Dawn Patrol   See fewer
Lorenzo Buhne
The Dawn Patrol (as Lorenzo Bunhe) The Dawn Patrol (as Lorenzo Bunhe)   See fewer
Spit Stix
The Dawn Patrol (as Tim Leitch) The Dawn Patrol (as Tim Leitch)   See fewer
Nora Gaye
H.O.T. B.O.D.S. H.O.T. B.O.D.S.   See fewer
Louise Dorsey
H.O.T. B.O.D.S. H.O.T. B.O.D.S.   See fewer
Victoria Cooke
H.O.T. B.O.D.S. H.O.T. B.O.D.S.   See fewer
Michael Hanks
Announcer (voice) (as Michael D. Hanks) Announcer (voice) (as Michael D. Hanks)   See fewer
Alan Alda
Self (uncredited) Self (uncredited)   See fewer
Lee Biondi
Development Executive (uncredited) Development Executive (uncredited)   See fewer
Bernie Brillstein
Man in Le Boeuf (uncredited) Man in Le Boeuf (uncredited)   See fewer
Roy Firestone
Self (uncredited) Self (uncredited)   See fewer
Robert Firth
TV Reporter (uncredited) TV Reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
Eric A. Peterson
Craft Service Man (uncredited) Craft Service Man (uncredited)   See fewer
Tonyia Verna
Nunzio's Girl (uncredited) Nunzio's Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Ed. Weinberger
TV executive (uncredited) TV executive (uncredited)   See fewer
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