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  • Irreconcilable Differences (1984)
  • PG
    113 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Irreconcilable Differences (1984)
113 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Alternating between the past and the present, a precocious little girl sues her selfish, career-driven parents for emancipation, surprising them both.
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Charles Shyer (directed by)
Nancy Meyers (written by) | Charles Shyer (written by)
Arlene Sellers (produced by) | Alex Winitsky (produced by)
Paul de Senneville (music by) | Olivier Toussaint (music by)
Casting Director
Deborah Lucchesi (casting)
Production Designer
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Release date
Sep 28, 1984 (United States)


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54 cast members
Name Known for
Ryan O'Neal
Albert Brodsky Albert Brodsky   See fewer
Shelley Long
Lucy Van Patten Brodsky Lucy Van Patten Brodsky   See fewer
Drew Barrymore
Casey Brodsky Casey Brodsky   See fewer
Sam Wanamaker
David Kessler David Kessler   See fewer
Allen Garfield
Phil Hanner Phil Hanner   See fewer
Sharon Stone
Blake Chandler Blake Chandler   See fewer
Hortensia Colorado
Maria Hernandez Maria Hernandez   See fewer
Kim Marriner
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Wendy Gordon
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Ken Gale
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Deborah Cody
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Marc May
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Steven K. Miller
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Annie Meyers-Shyer
Little Girl in Crowd Little Girl in Crowd   See fewer
Lauren Hartman
Woman on the Street Woman on the Street   See fewer
David Paymer
Alan Sluiser Alan Sluiser   See fewer
Larry Marko
Court Clerk Court Clerk   See fewer
Lorinne Vozoff
Judge Shalack Judge Shalack   See fewer
Ida Random
Woman at Party Woman at Party   See fewer
Steffen Zacharias
Man at Party Man at Party   See fewer
Laura Campbell
Uptight Woman Uptight Woman   See fewer
Jenny Gago
Tracy Tracy   See fewer
Verna Cornelius
Englishwoman at Party Englishwoman at Party   See fewer
Johna Stewart-Bowden
Little Casey Little Casey   See fewer
David D'Arnal
Waiter Waiter   See fewer
Don Benjamin
Whispering Man Whispering Man   See fewer
Jaid Barrymore
Whispering Woman Whispering Woman   See fewer
Kelly Lange
Anchorwoman Anchorwoman   See fewer
Rex Reed
Entertainment Editor Entertainment Editor   See fewer
Irving Meyers
Man in Bar Man in Bar   See fewer
William A. Fraker
'Gabrielle' Cinematographer 'Gabrielle' Cinematographer   See fewer
Beverlee Reed
Dotty (as Beverly Reed) Dotty (as Beverly Reed)   See fewer
Eloise Hardt
Elaine Kessler Elaine Kessler   See fewer
Art Bradley
Handsome Party Guest Handsome Party Guest   See fewer
Stuart Pankin
Ronnie Ronnie   See fewer
Laura Coker
Amy (as Laura Winitsky) Amy (as Laura Winitsky)   See fewer
Gregory Hodal
'Atlanta' Preacher 'Atlanta' Preacher   See fewer
Carl Byrd
'Atlanta' Sound Man 'Atlanta' Sound Man   See fewer
Luana Anders
'Atlanta' Widow 'Atlanta' Widow   See fewer
Richard Minchenberg
Howard Kay Howard Kay   See fewer
Dana Kaminski
Woman in Dress Shop Woman in Dress Shop   See fewer
Arlin Miller
Radio Newscaster (voice) Radio Newscaster (voice)   See fewer
Ken Lerner
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Minnie Summers Lindsey
Inez (as Minnie Lindsay) Inez (as Minnie Lindsay)   See fewer
Mimi Craven
Assistant (uncredited) Assistant (uncredited)   See fewer
Douglas DuVal
Cab Driver (uncredited) Cab Driver (uncredited)   See fewer
Ellen Geer
Actress (uncredited) Actress (uncredited)   See fewer
Molly Hansen
Premiere Attendee (uncredited) Premiere Attendee (uncredited)   See fewer
Robert Dominick Jones
Civil War Soldier (uncredited) Civil War Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
Helen Mallory
Woman in Green (uncredited) Woman in Green (uncredited)   See fewer
Rob Riddell
Diner Patron (uncredited) Diner Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Theresa Velazquez
Observer (uncredited) Observer (uncredited)   See fewer
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