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  • Tempest (1982)
  • PG
    142 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Tempest (1982)
142 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

John Cassavetes gives a compelling performance as a man confronting a mid-life crisis with extraordinary results for everyone around him.
Paul Mazursky (directed by)
Paul Mazursky (written by) | Leon Capetanos (written by)
Paul Mazursky (produced by)
Donald McAlpine (as Don McAlpine)
Donn Cambern (edited by)
Casting Director
Juliet Taylor (casting)
Production Designer
Pato Guzman (production designed by)
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Release date
Aug 13, 1982 (United States)


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43 cast members
Name Known for
John Cassavetes
Phillip Phillip   See fewer
Gena Rowlands
Antonia Antonia   See fewer
Susan Sarandon
Aretha Tomalin Aretha Tomalin   See fewer
Raul Julia
Kalibanos Kalibanos   See fewer
Molly Ringwald
Miranda Miranda   See fewer
Sam Robards
Freddy Freddy   See fewer
Paul Stewart
Phillip's Father Phillip's Father   See fewer
Anthony Holland
Sebastian Sebastian   See fewer
Vassilis Glezakos
Greek Boat Captain Greek Boat Captain   See fewer
Sergio Nicolai
First Sailor First Sailor   See fewer
Luigi Laezza
Second Sailor Second Sailor   See fewer
Carol Ficatier
Gabrielle Gabrielle   See fewer
Peter Lombard
Mackenzie Mackenzie   See fewer
Cynthia Harris
Cynthia Cynthia   See fewer
Murray Grand
Piano Player Piano Player   See fewer
Paul Mazursky
Terry Bloomfield Terry Bloomfield   See fewer
Betsy Mazursky
Betsy Bloomfield Betsy Bloomfield   See fewer
Nadine Darling
First Nurse First Nurse   See fewer
Nina Kolment
Second Nurse Second Nurse   See fewer
John Marolakos
N.Y. Greek Cafe Owner N.Y. Greek Cafe Owner   See fewer
Giorgos Moshidis
Athens Cafe Owner Athens Cafe Owner   See fewer
Camille Lefko
Casino Security Guard Casino Security Guard   See fewer
Jery Hewitt
Stuntman Stuntman   See fewer
Barry Mitchell
Woody Allen Lookalike Woody Allen Lookalike   See fewer
Al Cerullo
Helicopter Pilot Helicopter Pilot   See fewer
Theodoros Kavalieros
Night Club MC Night Club MC   See fewer
Sheila Ozden
Belly Dancer Belly Dancer   See fewer
Nicos Mousoullis
Deck Hand on Boat Deck Hand on Boat   See fewer
Evanthia Glezakou
Old Woman on Boat Old Woman on Boat   See fewer
Clint Chin
Chinese Plane Steward Chinese Plane Steward   See fewer
Stella Nastou
Secretary on Yacht Secretary on Yacht   See fewer
Rudy Cherney
Man With Pigeons Man With Pigeons   See fewer
Thanasis Pagonis
Greek Cafe Waiter Greek Cafe Waiter   See fewer
Joe Napoleone
Spiro (uncredited) Spiro (uncredited)   See fewer
Filomena Spagnuolo
Old Lady (uncredited) Old Lady (uncredited)   See fewer
Mike Tremont
Diplomat (uncredited) Diplomat (uncredited)   See fewer
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