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  • Soup for One (1982)
  • R
    87 min | Comedy
Soup for One (1982)
87 min | Comedy

When Allan meets Maria he is sure he has found the perfect woman for him but she's not interested. He persists, she relents, they begin dating. Allan then starts to second guess what he thought he wanted.
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Updated Apr 30, 1982

Release date
Apr 30, 1982 (United States)


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57 cast members
Name Known for
Teddy Pendergrass
Night Club Singer Night Club Singer   See fewer
Andrea Martin
Concord Seductress Concord Seductress   See fewer
Mordecai Lawner
Furniture Salesman Furniture Salesman   See fewer
Lewis J. Stadlen
Allan's Father Allan's Father   See fewer
Joanna Merlin
Allan's Mother Allan's Mother   See fewer
Christine Baranski
Blonde in Bar Blonde in Bar   See fewer
Ellen March
Blind Date Blind Date   See fewer
Maury Chaykin
Dr. Wexler Dr. Wexler   See fewer
Deborah Offner
Girl in Neon Bedroom Girl in Neon Bedroom   See fewer
Michael Jeter
Mr. Kelp Mr. Kelp   See fewer
Laura Dean
Linda Linda   See fewer
Jessica James
Miss Farr Miss Farr   See fewer
Kate Lynch
WPCP Receptionist WPCP Receptionist   See fewer
Suzzy Roche
Girl #1 Girl #1   See fewer
Claudia Cron
Girl #2 Girl #2   See fewer
Cheri Jamison
Girl #3 Girl #3   See fewer
Hilary Shepard
Girl #4 Girl #4   See fewer
Libby Boone
Girl #5 Girl #5   See fewer
Marisa Smith
Concord Dental Assistant Concord Dental Assistant   See fewer
Jamie Tirelli
WPCP Announcer WPCP Announcer   See fewer
Cristina San Juan
WPCP Weathergirl WPCP Weathergirl   See fewer
James Rebhorn
Lawyer Lawyer   See fewer
Ron Faber
Man with Video Tapes Man with Video Tapes   See fewer
Gloria Cromwell
Mrs. Franken Mrs. Franken   See fewer
Thomas Quinn
Police Officer Police Officer   See fewer
Rick Lieberman
Sketch Artist Sketch Artist   See fewer
Ellie Covan
Concord Registration Woman Concord Registration Woman   See fewer
Bo Rucker
Man in Washington Sq. Park Man in Washington Sq. Park   See fewer
Jack Chandler
Stoned Cameraman Stoned Cameraman   See fewer
Michael Pearlman
Young Allan Young Allan   See fewer
Lauren Sautner
Young Rhonda Young Rhonda   See fewer
Karen McLarty
Receptionist (as Karen Werner) Receptionist (as Karen Werner)   See fewer
Max Gulak
Italian Waiter Italian Waiter   See fewer
William Cuellar
Chief Running Brook Chief Running Brook   See fewer
Sherrie Bender
Topless Girl at Door Topless Girl at Door   See fewer
Kim Chan
Harold the Cook Harold the Cook   See fewer
Linda Ray
Sally in Pool Sally in Pool   See fewer
Lisa Parker
A Girl in Pool A Girl in Pool   See fewer
Merwin Goldsmith
Mr. Blum Mr. Blum   See fewer
Olivia K. Le'Aauanae
Fire Knife Dancer Fire Knife Dancer   See fewer
Victor Truro
Man at Cellmates Man at Cellmates   See fewer
Anthony Cesare
Man at River Cafe Man at River Cafe   See fewer
Craig Calman
Bar Patron (uncredited) Bar Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Jennifer Delora
Girl at Bar (uncredited) Girl at Bar (uncredited)   See fewer
Rudy Jones
Television Floor Director (uncredited) Television Floor Director (uncredited)   See fewer
Justin McNeill
Swinger (uncredited) Swinger (uncredited)   See fewer
Lacy Darryl Phillips
Dancer (uncredited) Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
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