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  • Reds (1981)
  • PG
    195 min | Biography, Drama, History
Reds (1981)
195 min | Biography, Drama, History

A radical American journalist becomes involved with the Communist revolution in Russia, and hopes to bring its spirit and idealism to the United States.
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Warren Beatty (written by) | Trevor Griffiths (written by)
Vittorio Storaro (photography by)
Production Designer
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Release date
Dec 25, 1981 (United States)


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106 cast members
Name Known for
Warren Beatty
John Reed John Reed   See fewer
Diane Keaton
Louise Bryant Louise Bryant   See fewer
Edward Herrmann
Max Eastman Max Eastman   See fewer
Jerzy Kosinski
Grigory Zinoviev Grigory Zinoviev   See fewer
Jack Nicholson
Eugene O'Neill Eugene O'Neill   See fewer
Paul Sorvino
Louis Fraina Louis Fraina   See fewer
Maureen Stapleton
Emma Goldman Emma Goldman   See fewer
Nicolas Coster
Paul Trullinger Paul Trullinger   See fewer
M. Emmet Walsh
Speaker - Liberal Club Speaker - Liberal Club   See fewer
Ian Wolfe
Mr. Partlow Mr. Partlow   See fewer
Bessie Love
Mrs. Partlow Mrs. Partlow   See fewer
MacIntyre Dixon
Carl Walters Carl Walters   See fewer
Pat Starr
Helen Walters Helen Walters   See fewer
Eleanor D. Wilson
Mrs. Reed Mrs. Reed   See fewer
Max Wright
Floyd Dell Floyd Dell   See fewer
George Plimpton
Horace Whigham Horace Whigham   See fewer
Harry Ditson
Maurice Becker Maurice Becker   See fewer
Leigh Curran
Ida Rauh Ida Rauh   See fewer
Kathryn Grody
Crystal Eastman Crystal Eastman   See fewer
Brenda Currin
Marjorie Jones Marjorie Jones   See fewer
Nancy Diuguid
Jane Heap (as Nancy Duiguid) Jane Heap (as Nancy Duiguid)   See fewer
Dolph Sweet
Big Bill Haywood Big Bill Haywood   See fewer
Ramon Bieri
Police Chief Police Chief   See fewer
Jack O'Leary
Pinkerton Guard Pinkerton Guard   See fewer
Gene Hackman
Pete Van Wherry Pete Van Wherry   See fewer
Gerald Hiken
Dr. Lorber Dr. Lorber   See fewer
William Daniels
Julius Gerber Julius Gerber   See fewer
Dave King
Allan Benson Allan Benson   See fewer
Joseph Buloff
Joe Volski Joe Volski   See fewer
Stefan Gryff
Alex Gomberg Alex Gomberg   See fewer
Denis Pekarev
Interpreter in Factory Interpreter in Factory   See fewer
Roger Sloman
V.I. Lenin V.I. Lenin   See fewer
Stuart Richman
L. Trotsky L. Trotsky   See fewer
Oleg Kerensky
A. Kerensky / Witness A. Kerensky / Witness   See fewer
Nikko Seppala
Young Bolshevik Soldier Young Bolshevik Soldier   See fewer
John J. Hooker
Senator Overman Senator Overman   See fewer
Shane Rimmer
MacAlpine MacAlpine   See fewer
Jack Kehoe
Eddie Eddie   See fewer
Christopher Malcolm
C.L.P. Party Member C.L.P. Party Member   See fewer
Tony Sibbald
C.L.P. Party Member C.L.P. Party Member   See fewer
R.G. Armstrong
Government Agent Government Agent   See fewer
Josef Sommer
State Department Official State Department Official   See fewer
Jan Tríska
Karl Radek Karl Radek   See fewer
Åke Lindman
Scandinavian Escort (as Ake Lindman) Scandinavian Escort (as Ake Lindman)   See fewer
Pertti Weckström
Finnish Doctor (as Pertti Weckstrom) Finnish Doctor (as Pertti Weckstrom)   See fewer
Nina Macarova
Russian Nurse Russian Nurse   See fewer
Jose De Fillippo
Russian Doctor Russian Doctor   See fewer
Andreas La Casa
Little Boy Little Boy   See fewer
Roger Baldwin
Witness Witness   See fewer
Henry Miller
Witness Witness   See fewer
Dora Russell
Witness Witness   See fewer
Scott Nearing
Witness Witness   See fewer
Tess Davis
Witness Witness   See fewer
Heaton Vorse
Witness Witness   See fewer
Hamilton Fish
Witness Witness   See fewer
Isaac Don Levine
Witness Witness   See fewer
Rebecca West
Witness Witness   See fewer
Will Durant
Witness Witness   See fewer
Will Weinstone
Witness Witness   See fewer
Emmanuel Herbert
Witness Witness   See fewer
Arne Swabeck
Witness Witness   See fewer
Adele Gutman Nathan
Witness (as Adele Nathan) Witness (as Adele Nathan)   See fewer
George Seldes
Witness Witness   See fewer
Galina von Meck
Witness (as Galina Von Meck) Witness (as Galina Von Meck)   See fewer
Art Shields
Witness Witness   See fewer
Andrew Dasburg
Witness Witness   See fewer
Hugo Gellert
Witness Witness   See fewer
Dorothy Frooks
Witness Witness   See fewer
George Jessel
Witness Witness   See fewer
Jacob Bailin
Witness Witness   See fewer
John Ballato
Witness Witness   See fewer
Lucita Williams
Witness Witness   See fewer
Jessica Smith
Witness Witness   See fewer
Harry Carlisle
Witness Witness   See fewer
Arthur Mayer
Witness Witness   See fewer
Victor Baring
French War Correspondent (uncredited) French War Correspondent (uncredited)   See fewer
John Blight
Socialist at meeting (uncredited) Socialist at meeting (uncredited)   See fewer
Frank Cockrell
Chicago Policeman (uncredited) Chicago Policeman (uncredited)   See fewer
Harry Fielder
Russian (uncredited) Russian (uncredited)   See fewer
Anthony Forrest
Harry Reed (uncredited) Harry Reed (uncredited)   See fewer
Mario Gallo
Worker (uncredited) Worker (uncredited)   See fewer
Salo Gardner
Train Passenger (uncredited) Train Passenger (uncredited)   See fewer
Jill Goldston
Dancing Woman (uncredited) Dancing Woman (uncredited)   See fewer
Janet Henfrey
Emma Goldman's Jail Guard (uncredited) Emma Goldman's Jail Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
Simon Hewitt
Activist (uncredited) Activist (uncredited)   See fewer
Marjatta Hjorth
Woman with Her Son (uncredited) Woman with Her Son (uncredited)   See fewer
Barrie Holland
WW1 American Officer (uncredited) WW1 American Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
Simon Jones
Louise Bryant's Colleague in France (uncredited) Louise Bryant's Colleague in France (uncredited)   See fewer
Richard LeParmentier
Man Drinking with Pete Van Wherry (uncredited) Man Drinking with Pete Van Wherry (uncredited)   See fewer
Miriam Margolyes
Woman Writing in Notebook (uncredited) Woman Writing in Notebook (uncredited)   See fewer
Ralph G. Morse
Immigrant (uncredited) Immigrant (uncredited)   See fewer
Chris Parsons
Communist Partisan (uncredited) Communist Partisan (uncredited)   See fewer
John Ratzenberger
Communist Leader (uncredited) Communist Leader (uncredited)   See fewer
Manning Redwood
U.S. Customs Officer (uncredited) U.S. Customs Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
Peter Ross-Murray
Communist Soldier (uncredited) Communist Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
John Herman Shaner
Socialist Prisoner (uncredited) Socialist Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Guy Standeven
Restaurant Patron (uncredited) Restaurant Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Burnell Tucker
Chum of John Reed (uncredited) Chum of John Reed (uncredited)   See fewer
Irja Utriainen
Woman in March (uncredited) Woman in March (uncredited)   See fewer
Tom Willett
Man at Barn Union Meeting (uncredited) Man at Barn Union Meeting (uncredited)   See fewer
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