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  • The Nude Bomb (1980)
  • PG
    94 min | Action, Comedy, Crime
The Nude Bomb (1980)
94 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

Maxwell Smart is recalled to duty to help fight a villian who threatens to detonate a weapon that destroys clothing.
Mel Brooks (characters) | Buck Henry (characters) | Arne Sultan | Bill Dana | Leonard Stern (as Leonard B. Stern)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
William H. Tuntke (as William Tuntke)
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Release date
May 9, 1980 (United States)


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60 cast members
Name Known for
Don Adams
Maxwell Smart Maxwell Smart   See fewer
Sylvia Kristel
Agent 34 Agent 34   See fewer
Rhonda Fleming
Edith Von Secondberg Edith Von Secondberg   See fewer
Dana Elcar
Chief Chief   See fewer
Pamela Hensley
Agent 36 Agent 36   See fewer
Andrea Howard
Agent 22 Agent 22   See fewer
Norman Lloyd
Carruthers Carruthers   See fewer
Bill Dana
Jonathan Levinson Seigle Jonathan Levinson Seigle   See fewer
Gary Imhoff
Jerry Krovney Jerry Krovney   See fewer
Sarah Rush
Pam Krovney Pam Krovney   See fewer
Vittorio Gassman
Sauvage / Nino Salvatori Sebastiani Sauvage / Nino Salvatori Sebastiani   See fewer
Walter Brooke
American Ambassador American Ambassador   See fewer
Thomas Hill
President President   See fewer
Ceil Cabot
Landlady Landlady   See fewer
Joey Forman
Agent 13 Agent 13   See fewer
Patrick Gorman
French Delegate French Delegate   See fewer
Earl Maynard
Jamaican Delegate Jamaican Delegate   See fewer
Alex Rodine
Russian Delegate Russian Delegate   See fewer
Richard Sanders
German Delegate German Delegate   See fewer
Vito Scotti
Italian Delegate Italian Delegate   See fewer
Byron Webster
English Delegate English Delegate   See fewer
Ross Evans
Polish Delegate (as Horst Ehrhardt) Polish Delegate (as Horst Ehrhardt)   See fewer
Lawrie Osag
Nigerian Delegate Nigerian Delegate   See fewer
Robert Karvelas
Larabee Larabee   See fewer
David Adnopoz
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Gary Young
Pilot Pilot   See fewer
Robert Ball
Harrington Harrington   See fewer
Bob Bralver
Driver of 'Big Black Truck' (as Robert Bralver) Driver of 'Big Black Truck' (as Robert Bralver)   See fewer
Hap Lawrence
Sergeant Major Sergeant Major   See fewer
Ashley Cox
Model #1 Model #1   See fewer
Beverly Hart
Model #2 Model #2   See fewer
Edgy Lee
Model #3 Model #3   See fewer
Nick Dimitri
KAOS #1 KAOS #1   See fewer
Fred Lerner
KAOS #2 KAOS #2   See fewer
Bond Gideon
KAOS Guard KAOS Guard   See fewer
Cheré Bryson
Tourist Tourist   See fewer
Greg Wayne Elam
Tourist (as Greg Elam) Tourist (as Greg Elam)   See fewer
Glynn Rubin
Tourist Tourist   See fewer
Dick Durock
Jumpmaster Jumpmaster   See fewer
James W. Gavin
Helicopter Pilot (as James Gavin) Helicopter Pilot (as James Gavin)   See fewer
Ross Reynolds
Helicopter Pilot Helicopter Pilot   See fewer
James McInnes
Spectator Spectator   See fewer
Bobby Porter
Mini-Max (as Bobby M. Porter) Mini-Max (as Bobby M. Porter)   See fewer
Richard Washington
Blue Limo Driver Blue Limo Driver   See fewer
Benjie Bancroft
Police Officer (uncredited) Police Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
John Burnside
KAOS Agent (uncredited) KAOS Agent (uncredited)   See fewer
Larry Clardy
Guard (uncredited) Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
Leslie Hoffman
Hospital Patient (uncredited) Hospital Patient (uncredited)   See fewer
Rose Michtom
Wheelchair Patient (uncredited) Wheelchair Patient (uncredited)   See fewer
Lillian Müller
Beauty on parade (uncredited) Beauty on parade (uncredited)   See fewer
Richard Niehaus
Paramedic (uncredited) Paramedic (uncredited)   See fewer
Norman Palmer
Tourist (uncredited) Tourist (uncredited)   See fewer
Ray Pourchot
Russian (uncredited) Russian (uncredited)   See fewer
Norman Stevans
Tourist (uncredited) Tourist (uncredited)   See fewer
John Tuell
Dynamyter (uncredited) Dynamyter (uncredited)   See fewer
Dick Warlock
KAOS on Plane (uncredited) KAOS on Plane (uncredited)   See fewer
Kai J. Wong
Diplomat (uncredited) Diplomat (uncredited)   See fewer
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