Kagemusha (1980)
180 min | Drama, History, War

A petty thief with an utter resemblance to a samurai warlord is hired as the lord's double. When the warlord later dies the thief is forced to take up arms in his place.
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Release date
Oct 10, 1980 (United States)


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41 cast members
Name Known for
Tatsuya Nakadai
Shingen Takeda / Kagemusha Shingen Takeda / Kagemusha   See fewer
Tsutomu Yamazaki
Nobukado Takeda Nobukado Takeda   See fewer
Ken'ichi Hagiwara
Katsuyori Takeda Katsuyori Takeda   See fewer
Jinpachi Nezu
Sohachiro Tsuchiya Sohachiro Tsuchiya   See fewer
Hideji Ôtaki
Masakage Yamagata Masakage Yamagata   See fewer
Daisuke Ryû
Nobunaga Oda Nobunaga Oda   See fewer
Masayuki Yui
Ieyasu Tokugawa Ieyasu Tokugawa   See fewer
Kaori Momoi
Otsuyanokata Otsuyanokata   See fewer
Mitsuko Baishô
Oyunokata Oyunokata   See fewer
Hideo Murota
Nobufusa Baba Nobufusa Baba   See fewer
Takayuki Shiho
Masatoyo Naito Masatoyo Naito   See fewer
Kôji Shimizu
Katsusuke Atobe Katsusuke Atobe   See fewer
Noboru Shimizu
Masatane Hara Masatane Hara   See fewer
Sen Yamamoto
Nobushige Oyamada Nobushige Oyamada   See fewer
Shuhei Sugimori
Masanobu Kosaka Masanobu Kosaka   See fewer
Kota Yui
Takemaru Takemaru   See fewer
Yasuhito Yamanaka
Ranmaru Mori Ranmaru Mori   See fewer
Kumeko Otowa
Takemaru's Nurse Takemaru's Nurse   See fewer
Tetsuo Yamashita
Nagahide Niwa Nagahide Niwa   See fewer
Kai Atô
Zenjiro Amemiya Zenjiro Amemiya   See fewer
Hiroshi Shimada
Jingoro Hara Jingoro Hara   See fewer
Yû Shimaka
Jingoro Hara Jingoro Hara   See fewer
Toshiaki Tanabe
Kugutsushi Kugutsushi   See fewer
Yoshimitsu Yamaguchi
Salt Vendor Salt Vendor   See fewer
Eiichi Kanakubo
Kenshin Uesugi Kenshin Uesugi   See fewer
Akihiko Sugizaki
Noda Castle Soldier Noda Castle Soldier   See fewer
Yugo Miyazaki
Mataichi Tomono Mataichi Tomono   See fewer
Masatsuga Kuriyama
Muddy samurai Muddy samurai   See fewer
Norio Matsui
Tadatsugu Sakai Tadatsugu Sakai   See fewer
Jirô Yabuki
Equestrian (as Jiro Yabuki) Equestrian (as Jiro Yabuki)   See fewer
Yasushi Doshida
Kazumasa Ishikawa Kazumasa Ishikawa   See fewer
Nobaru Sone
Heihachiro Honda (as Nori Sone) Heihachiro Honda (as Nori Sone)   See fewer
Takashi Shimura
Gyobu Taguchi Gyobu Taguchi   See fewer
Francis Selleck
Priest (as Francis Seleck) Priest (as Francis Seleck)   See fewer
Gorô Yamada
Foot soldier (uncredited) Foot soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
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