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  • Caddyshack (1980)
  • R
    98 min | Comedy, Sport
Caddyshack (1980)
98 min | Comedy, Sport

An exclusive golf course has to deal with a flatulent new member and a destructive dancing gopher.
Brian Doyle-Murray (written by) | Harold Ramis (written by) | Douglas Kenney (written by)
Douglas Kenney (produced by)
Johnny Mandel (music composed by)
William C. Carruth (edited by) (as William Carruth)
Casting Director
Wallis Nicita (casting) (as Wally Nicita)
Production Designer
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Release date
Jul 25, 1980 (United States)


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62 cast members
Name Known for
Chevy Chase
Ty Webb Ty Webb   See fewer
Rodney Dangerfield
Al Czervik Al Czervik   See fewer
Ted Knight
Judge Elihu Smails Judge Elihu Smails   See fewer
Michael O'Keefe
Danny Noonan Danny Noonan   See fewer
Bill Murray
Carl Spackler Carl Spackler   See fewer
Sarah Holcomb
Maggie O'Hooligan Maggie O'Hooligan   See fewer
Scott Colomby
Tony D'Annunzio Tony D'Annunzio   See fewer
Cindy Morgan
Lacey Underall Lacey Underall   See fewer
Dan Resin
Dr. Beeper Dr. Beeper   See fewer
Henry Wilcoxon
The Bishop The Bishop   See fewer
Elaine Aiken
Mrs. Noonan Mrs. Noonan   See fewer
Albert Salmi
Mr. Noonan Mr. Noonan   See fewer
Brian Doyle-Murray
Lou Loomis Lou Loomis   See fewer
Hamilton Mitchell
Motormouth Motormouth   See fewer
Peter Berkrot
Angie D'Annunzio Angie D'Annunzio   See fewer
John F. Barmon Jr.
Spaulding Smails Spaulding Smails   See fewer
Lois Kibbee
Mrs. Smails Mrs. Smails   See fewer
Brian McConnachie
Drew Scott Drew Scott   See fewer
Scott Powell
Gatsby Gatsby   See fewer
Scott Sudden
Richard Richards Richard Richards   See fewer
Jackie Davis
Smoke Porterhouse Smoke Porterhouse   See fewer
Thomas A. Carlin
Sandy McFiddish (as Thomas Carlin) Sandy McFiddish (as Thomas Carlin)   See fewer
Minerva Scelza
Joey D'Annunzio Joey D'Annunzio   See fewer
Kenneth Burritt
Mr. Havercamp Mr. Havercamp   See fewer
Rebecca Burritt
Mrs. Havercamp Mrs. Havercamp   See fewer
Barbara Keegan
Noble Noyes (as Bobbie Kosstrin) Noble Noyes (as Bobbie Kosstrin)   See fewer
Scott Jackson
Chuck Schick Chuck Schick   See fewer
Ron Frank
Pat Noonan Pat Noonan   See fewer
Patricia Wilcox
Nancy Noonan Nancy Noonan   See fewer
Debi Frank
Kathleen Noonan Kathleen Noonan   See fewer
Tony Gulliver
Ray (Old Caddy) Ray (Old Caddy)   See fewer
Kim Bordeaux
Pre-deb Pre-deb   See fewer
Lori Lowe
Pre-deb Pre-deb   See fewer
Marcus Breece
Lifeguard Lifeguard   See fewer
Mark Chiriboga
Terry the Hippie Terry the Hippie   See fewer
Fred Buch
Angry Husband Angry Husband   See fewer
Frank Schuller
Charlie the Cook Charlie the Cook   See fewer
Mel Pape
Butler Butler   See fewer
Marge McKenna
Lady on Boat Lady on Boat   See fewer
Bruce McLaughlin
Old Crony Old Crony   See fewer
Dennis McCormack
Dennis Noonan Dennis Noonan   See fewer
Violet Ramis
Noonan Child Noonan Child   See fewer
Judy Arman
Beeper's Girlfriend Beeper's Girlfriend   See fewer
Dr. Dow
Mr. Wang Mr. Wang   See fewer
Paige Coffman
Little Girl at Pool Little Girl at Pool   See fewer
Donna M. Wiggin
Woman at Pool Woman at Pool   See fewer
James Hotchkiss
Old Crony Old Crony   See fewer
Rod Ball
Caddy (uncredited) Caddy (uncredited)   See fewer
Matthew Burch
Man in row boat (uncredited) Man in row boat (uncredited)   See fewer
William A. Butland
Pool Patron (uncredited) Pool Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Thomas Cocheo
Rocko (uncredited) Rocko (uncredited)   See fewer
Debbie Howard
Bathing Suit Girl (uncredited) Bathing Suit Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Ed Kammerer
Moose (uncredited) Moose (uncredited)   See fewer
Douglas Kenney
Al Czervik's Dinner Guest (uncredited) Al Czervik's Dinner Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Tim Lawrence
Mr. Gopher (uncredited) Mr. Gopher (uncredited)   See fewer
John Murray
Caddy (uncredited) Caddy (uncredited)   See fewer
Paul O'Callaghan
Waiter who falls into pool (uncredited) Waiter who falls into pool (uncredited)   See fewer
Ted Swanson
Golf Pro (uncredited) Golf Pro (uncredited)   See fewer
Anna Upstrom
Blonde Bombshell (uncredited) Blonde Bombshell (uncredited)   See fewer
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