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  • Winter Kills (1979)
  • R
    97 min | Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Winter Kills (1979)
97 min | Comedy, Drama, Mystery

The younger brother of an assassinated US President is led down a rabbit hole of conspiracies and dead ends after learning of a man claiming to be the real shooter.
Richard Condon (based on a book by) | William Richert (written for the screen by)
Fred C. Caruso (as Fred Caruso)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
Robert F. Boyle (as Robert Boyle)
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Release date
May 11, 1979 (United States)


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66 cast members
Name Known for
Jeff Bridges
Nick Kegan Nick Kegan   See fewer
John Huston
Pa Kegan Pa Kegan   See fewer
Anthony Perkins
John Cerruti John Cerruti   See fewer
Eli Wallach
Joe Diamond Joe Diamond   See fewer
Sterling Hayden
Z.K. Dawson Z.K. Dawson   See fewer
Dorothy Malone
Emma Kegan Emma Kegan   See fewer
Tomas Milian
Frank Mayo Frank Mayo   See fewer
Belinda Bauer
Yvette Malone Yvette Malone   See fewer
Ralph Meeker
Gameboy Baker Gameboy Baker   See fewer
Toshirô Mifune
Keith (as Toshiro Mifune) Keith (as Toshiro Mifune)   See fewer
Richard Boone
Keifitz Keifitz   See fewer
David Spielberg
Miles Garner Miles Garner   See fewer
Brad Dexter
Captain Heller One Captain Heller One   See fewer
Michael Thoma
Ray Doty Ray Doty   See fewer
Ed Madsen
Captain Heller Two Captain Heller Two   See fewer
Irving Selbst
Irving Mentor Irving Mentor   See fewer
Chris Soldo
Jeffreys Jeffreys   See fewer
Robert Courtleigh
First Mate of T.K. (as Robert Courleigh) First Mate of T.K. (as Robert Courleigh)   See fewer
Peter Brandon
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Joe Spinell
Arthur Fletcher Arthur Fletcher   See fewer
Ira S. Rosenstein
Orderly on T.K. (as Ira Rosenstein) Orderly on T.K. (as Ira Rosenstein)   See fewer
Kyle Morris
John Kullers John Kullers   See fewer
Phil Lito
Police Driver Police Driver   See fewer
Barbara Richert
Woman Cyclist Woman Cyclist   See fewer
Jake Strider Hughes
Child on Cycle (as Jake Hughes) Child on Cycle (as Jake Hughes)   See fewer
Patrice Bough
Secretary One Secretary One   See fewer
Eloise Hardt
Secretary Two Secretary Two   See fewer
Gladys Hill
Rosemary Rosemary   See fewer
Kim O'Brien
First Blonde Girl First Blonde Girl   See fewer
Candice Rialson
Second Blonde Girl Second Blonde Girl   See fewer
Bill P. Wilson
Admiral Admiral   See fewer
Loyd Catlett
Z.K. Dawson Guard Z.K. Dawson Guard   See fewer
Michael Bond
Flight Engineer Flight Engineer   See fewer
Helen Fagan
Stewardess (as Helene Fagan) Stewardess (as Helene Fagan)   See fewer
Gianni Russo
Co-Pilot Co-Pilot   See fewer
Peter Koshel
Cop-Casino Latino Cop-Casino Latino   See fewer
Lissette Álvarez
Cuban Singer (as Lissette) Cuban Singer (as Lissette)   See fewer
Robert F. Boyle
Desk Clerk (as Robert Boyle) Desk Clerk (as Robert Boyle)   See fewer
Sidney Lanier
Raymond-The Butler Raymond-The Butler   See fewer
Helen Curry
Black Maid Black Maid   See fewer
Derrick Lynn-Thomas
Maitre d' Maitre d'   See fewer
Jesse Veliz
Cuban Man in Havana Cuban Man in Havana   See fewer
Robert Wolcott
Shoeshine Boy Shoeshine Boy   See fewer
Bobby Moresco
Intern (as Robert Moresco) Intern (as Robert Moresco)   See fewer
Agneta Eckemyr
Nurse One Nurse One   See fewer
Tisa Farrow
Nurse Two Nurse Two   See fewer
Billie Allen
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Joseph Ragno
Doorman (as Joe Ragno) Doorman (as Joe Ragno)   See fewer
Loutz Gage
Butler Butler   See fewer
Camilla Sparv
Beautiful Woman One Beautiful Woman One   See fewer
Andrea Claudio
Beautiful Woman Two Beautiful Woman Two   See fewer
Erin Gray
Beautiful Woman Three Beautiful Woman Three   See fewer
Susan Walden
Beautiful Woman Four Beautiful Woman Four   See fewer
Rebecca Grimes
Beautiful Woman Five Beautiful Woman Five   See fewer
Jennifer Keith
Beautiful Woman Six Beautiful Woman Six   See fewer
Amanda Jones
Beautiful Woman Seven Beautiful Woman Seven   See fewer
Berry Berenson
Morgue Attendant Morgue Attendant   See fewer
Tim Culbertson
Security Guard Security Guard   See fewer
Regis Mull
Cop with Keifetz Cop with Keifetz   See fewer
Lorraine Baptist
Waitress (uncredited) Waitress (uncredited)   See fewer
Edward Coch Jr.
Bartender (uncredited) Bartender (uncredited)   See fewer
Gambler at the Casino (uncredited) Gambler at the Casino (uncredited)   See fewer
Byron Morrow
Secretary of State (uncredited) Secretary of State (uncredited)   See fewer
Elizabeth Taylor
Lola Comante (uncredited) Lola Comante (uncredited)   See fewer
John Warner
President Tim Kegan (uncredited) President Tim Kegan (uncredited)   See fewer
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