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  • Airport (1970)
  • G
    137 min | Action, Drama, Thriller
Airport (1970)
137 min | Action, Drama, Thriller

A bomber on board an airplane, an airport almost closed by snow, and various personal problems of the people involved.
Arthur Hailey (novel) | George Seaton (written for the screen by)
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Release date
Mar 5, 1970 (United States)


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162 cast members
Name Known for
Burt Lancaster
Mel Bakersfeld Mel Bakersfeld   See fewer
Dean Martin
Vernon Demerest Vernon Demerest   See fewer
Jean Seberg
Tanya Livingston Tanya Livingston   See fewer
Jacqueline Bisset
Gwen Meighen Gwen Meighen   See fewer
George Kennedy
Joe Patroni Joe Patroni   See fewer
Helen Hayes
Ada Quonsett Ada Quonsett   See fewer
Van Heflin
D.O. Guerrero D.O. Guerrero   See fewer
Maureen Stapleton
Inez Guerrero Inez Guerrero   See fewer
Barry Nelson
Anson Harris Anson Harris   See fewer
Dana Wynter
Cindy Bakersfeld Cindy Bakersfeld   See fewer
Lloyd Nolan
Harry Standish Harry Standish   See fewer
Barbara Hale
Sarah Demerest Sarah Demerest   See fewer
Gary Collins
Cy Jordan Cy Jordan   See fewer
John Findlater
Peter Coakley Peter Coakley   See fewer
Jessie Royce Landis
Harriet DuBarry Mossman Harriet DuBarry Mossman   See fewer
Larry Gates
Commissioner Ackerman Commissioner Ackerman   See fewer
Peter Turgeon
Marcus Rathbone Marcus Rathbone   See fewer
Whit Bissell
Mr. Davidson Mr. Davidson   See fewer
Virginia Grey
Mrs. Schultz Mrs. Schultz   See fewer
Eileen Wesson
Judy Barton Judy Barton   See fewer
Paul Picerni
Dr. Compagno Dr. Compagno   See fewer
Robert Patten
Captain Benson Captain Benson   See fewer
Clark Howat
Bert Weatherby Bert Weatherby   See fewer
Lew Brown
Reynolds Reynolds   See fewer
Ilana Dowding
Robbie Bakersfeld Robbie Bakersfeld   See fewer
Lisa Gerritsen
Libby Bakersfeld (as Lisa Gerritson) Libby Bakersfeld (as Lisa Gerritson)   See fewer
James Nolan
Father Steven Lonigan (as Jim Nolan) Father Steven Lonigan (as Jim Nolan)   See fewer
Albert Reed
Lt. Ned Ordway Lt. Ned Ordway   See fewer
Jodean Lawrence
Marie Patroni (as Jodean Russo) Marie Patroni (as Jodean Russo)   See fewer
Dick Winslow
Mr. Schultz Mr. Schultz   See fewer
Lou Wagner
Schuyler Schultz Schuyler Schultz   See fewer
Janis Hansen
Sister Katherine Grace Sister Katherine Grace   See fewer
Mary Jackson
Sister Felice Sister Felice   See fewer
Shelly Novack
Rollings Rollings   See fewer
Fletcher Allen
Dispatcher (uncredited) Dispatcher (uncredited)   See fewer
Leon Alton
Man on Dias / Man at Club (uncredited) Man on Dias / Man at Club (uncredited)   See fewer
Merry Anders
Mrs. Burt Ball (uncredited) Mrs. Burt Ball (uncredited)   See fewer
Ricky Anderson
William Downey (uncredited) William Downey (uncredited)   See fewer
Ray Andrade
Pietro Carmona (uncredited) Pietro Carmona (uncredited)   See fewer
Maria Andre
Mrs. Portola (uncredited) Mrs. Portola (uncredited)   See fewer
Nadine Arlyn
Jennifer Barry (uncredited) Jennifer Barry (uncredited)   See fewer
Ray Ballard
Gilbert Price (uncredited) Gilbert Price (uncredited)   See fewer
Larry Barton
Rabbi Leo Bernstein (uncredited) Rabbi Leo Bernstein (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael Bell
Airport Bus Driver (uncredited) Airport Bus Driver (uncredited)   See fewer
Savannah Bentley
Virginia Lopez (uncredited) Virginia Lopez (uncredited)   See fewer
Chuck Bowman
New York Dispatcher (uncredited) New York Dispatcher (uncredited)   See fewer
William Boyett
Jack Ingram (uncredited) Jack Ingram (uncredited)   See fewer
Chuckie Bradley
Dee Gilroy (uncredited) Dee Gilroy (uncredited)   See fewer
James Bradley
Jack Stone (uncredited) Jack Stone (uncredited)   See fewer
Eve Brent
Mrs. David Corman (uncredited) Mrs. David Corman (uncredited)   See fewer
Robert Brubaker
Dr. Nash (uncredited) Dr. Nash (uncredited)   See fewer
Dee Carroll
Florence (uncredited) Florence (uncredited)   See fewer
Dort Clark
Dr. Henry Bron (uncredited) Dr. Henry Bron (uncredited)   See fewer
Ellen Clark
Anne Gordon (uncredited) Anne Gordon (uncredited)   See fewer
Tamar Cooper
Carol Blake (uncredited) Carol Blake (uncredited)   See fewer
Cathleen Cordell
Mrs. William Donovan (uncredited) Mrs. William Donovan (uncredited)   See fewer
Nick Cravat
Nick Valli (uncredited) Nick Valli (uncredited)   See fewer
Susan Curtis
Elizabeth Yorker (uncredited) Elizabeth Yorker (uncredited)   See fewer
Carol Daniels
Loretta Manning (uncredited) Loretta Manning (uncredited)   See fewer
Hal K. Dawson
Ben Bradley (uncredited) Ben Bradley (uncredited)   See fewer
Ed Deemer
Co-Pilot Crowley (uncredited) Co-Pilot Crowley (uncredited)   See fewer
Larry Delaney
Frank (uncredited) Frank (uncredited)   See fewer
John Delgado
Ingram's Assistant (uncredited) Ingram's Assistant (uncredited)   See fewer
John N. Denend
Douglas (uncredited) Douglas (uncredited)   See fewer
John Dennis
Cab Driver (uncredited) Cab Driver (uncredited)   See fewer
Kaye Elhardt
Kay Hart (uncredited) Kay Hart (uncredited)   See fewer
John Eloff
Jack Elliott (uncredited) Jack Elliott (uncredited)   See fewer
Reginald Fenderson
Dr. Grant (uncredited) Dr. Grant (uncredited)   See fewer
John Francis
Maurice David (uncredited) Maurice David (uncredited)   See fewer
Wilma Francis
Elegant Woman Passenger (uncredited) Elegant Woman Passenger (uncredited)   See fewer
Mark Gardner
Richard Kalin (uncredited) Richard Kalin (uncredited)   See fewer
Don Gazzaniga
Carlo Di Tomaso (uncredited) Carlo Di Tomaso (uncredited)   See fewer
Sandra Gould
Millie Miles (uncredited) Millie Miles (uncredited)   See fewer
Neil Grant
Roger Whitney (uncredited) Roger Whitney (uncredited)   See fewer
Joe Gray
Antonio Piace (uncredited) Antonio Piace (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael J. Grayson
David Corman (uncredited) David Corman (uncredited)   See fewer
Larry Greenfield
Minneapolis Controller #1 (uncredited) Minneapolis Controller #1 (uncredited)   See fewer
Warren Hammack
Irwin Jansen (uncredited) Irwin Jansen (uncredited)   See fewer
Marc Hannibal
Sgt. Edward Washington (uncredited) Sgt. Edward Washington (uncredited)   See fewer
Harry Harvey
Dr. Avery Smith (uncredited) Dr. Avery Smith (uncredited)   See fewer
Thomas Browne Henry
Prof. Charles Ruch (uncredited) Prof. Charles Ruch (uncredited)   See fewer
Art Hern
Charlie Kaplan (uncredited) Charlie Kaplan (uncredited)   See fewer
Mary Gail Hobbs
Mrs. Cary Jay (uncredited) Mrs. Cary Jay (uncredited)   See fewer
Fred Holliday
Chester Jennings (uncredited) Chester Jennings (uncredited)   See fewer
Wendy Howard
Mrs. Alan Bramson (uncredited) Mrs. Alan Bramson (uncredited)   See fewer
William Hudson
Mr. Donovan (uncredited) Mr. Donovan (uncredited)   See fewer
Jill Jackson
Mrs. Ben Bradley (uncredited) Mrs. Ben Bradley (uncredited)   See fewer
Frank Jamus
Inspector Frank Barrow (uncredited) Inspector Frank Barrow (uncredited)   See fewer
Andrew Johnson
Sterling (uncredited) Sterling (uncredited)   See fewer
Bobby Johnson
Red Cap (uncredited) Red Cap (uncredited)   See fewer
Dale Johnson
James Mott (uncredited) James Mott (uncredited)   See fewer
Judith Jordan
Bea (uncredited) Bea (uncredited)   See fewer
Gordon Jump
Man Inspecting Hole in Plane (uncredited) Man Inspecting Hole in Plane (uncredited)   See fewer
Walter Woolf King
Cindy's Father (uncredited) Cindy's Father (uncredited)   See fewer
Robert Knapp
Jack Dunlap (uncredited) Jack Dunlap (uncredited)   See fewer
Ron Koslow
Mark Harris (uncredited) Mark Harris (uncredited)   See fewer
Paul La Capria
Italian Boy (uncredited) Italian Boy (uncredited)   See fewer
Damian London
Praying Father (uncredited) Praying Father (uncredited)   See fewer
Marco Lopez
Harold Lopez (uncredited) Harold Lopez (uncredited)   See fewer
Celia Lovsky
Mrs. Williams (uncredited) Mrs. Williams (uncredited)   See fewer
Adrienne Marden
Gertrude Cochran (uncredited) Gertrude Cochran (uncredited)   See fewer
Richard Mathews
Controller #2 (uncredited) Controller #2 (uncredited)   See fewer
David Mauro
Mario Vitale (uncredited) Mario Vitale (uncredited)   See fewer
Allison McKay
Mrs. Irwin Jansen (uncredited) Mrs. Irwin Jansen (uncredited)   See fewer
Eve McVeagh
Mrs. Henry Bron (uncredited) Mrs. Henry Bron (uncredited)   See fewer
Fredricka Meyers
Zena Van Dann (uncredited) Zena Van Dann (uncredited)   See fewer
Belle Mitchell
Bertha Kaplan (uncredited) Bertha Kaplan (uncredited)   See fewer
Dallas Mitchell
Danny (uncredited) Danny (uncredited)   See fewer
Michele Montau
Rosa Di Tomaso (uncredited) Rosa Di Tomaso (uncredited)   See fewer
Barbara Morrison
Mrs. James Mott (uncredited) Mrs. James Mott (uncredited)   See fewer
Don Nagel
Martin Rose (uncredited) Martin Rose (uncredited)   See fewer
John Nolan
Richard Ross (uncredited) Richard Ross (uncredited)   See fewer
William H. O'Brien
Waiter at Men's Club (uncredited) Waiter at Men's Club (uncredited)   See fewer
Kathleen O'Malley
Mrs. Chuck Beale (uncredited) Mrs. Chuck Beale (uncredited)   See fewer
Tom Pace
David Norton (uncredited) David Norton (uncredited)   See fewer
Jim Parker
Controller #3 (uncredited) Controller #3 (uncredited)   See fewer
Vic Perrin
Crabby Man (uncredited) Crabby Man (uncredited)   See fewer
Joe Ploski
Diner Patron (uncredited) Diner Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Murray Pollack
Wellman (uncredited) Wellman (uncredited)   See fewer
Pat Priest
Mrs. Jerry Copeland (uncredited) Mrs. Jerry Copeland (uncredited)   See fewer
Quinn K. Redeker
John Reindel (uncredited) John Reindel (uncredited)   See fewer
Leoda Richards
White-Haried Lady on Dais (uncredited) White-Haried Lady on Dais (uncredited)   See fewer
Arnold Roberts
Commuter at Airport (uncredited) Commuter at Airport (uncredited)   See fewer
George R. Robertson
Richard Stout (uncredited) Richard Stout (uncredited)   See fewer
Sondra Rodgers
Margaret Rogers (uncredited) Margaret Rogers (uncredited)   See fewer
Don Ross
John (uncredited) John (uncredited)   See fewer
Marion Ross
Joan Myers (uncredited) Joan Myers (uncredited)   See fewer
Robert C. Ross
Chuck Beale (uncredited) Chuck Beale (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael Rougas
Navigator (uncredited) Navigator (uncredited)   See fewer
Benny Rubin
Sam Lasky (uncredited) Sam Lasky (uncredited)   See fewer
Dick Russell
Jerry Copeland (uncredited) Jerry Copeland (uncredited)   See fewer
Jackie Russell
Holly Barry (uncredited) Holly Barry (uncredited)   See fewer
Mark Russell
Pfc. Bud Miller (uncredited) Pfc. Bud Miller (uncredited)   See fewer
Frank J. Scannell
Ted Fields (uncredited) Ted Fields (uncredited)   See fewer
Susan Seaforth Hayes
First Class Flight Attendant (uncredited) First Class Flight Attendant (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael Sevareid
Fowler (uncredited) Fowler (uncredited)   See fewer
Johnny Silver
Franco Spinetti (uncredited) Franco Spinetti (uncredited)   See fewer
Eric Sinclair
David Knight (uncredited) David Knight (uncredited)   See fewer
Cap Somers
Commuter at Airport (uncredited) Commuter at Airport (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael Stearns
Donald Pyne (uncredited) Donald Pyne (uncredited)   See fewer
Mike Steele
Banquet MC (uncredited) Banquet MC (uncredited)   See fewer
Ron Stokes
Taxi Driver (uncredited) Taxi Driver (uncredited)   See fewer
Arlen Stuart
Sally Catalano (uncredited) Sally Catalano (uncredited)   See fewer
Leslie Summers
Lynn Mason (uncredited) Lynn Mason (uncredited)   See fewer
Joel Thingvall
Teen in Terminal (uncredited) Teen in Terminal (uncredited)   See fewer
Towyna Thomas
Mrs. Smith (uncredited) Mrs. Smith (uncredited)   See fewer
Glenn Thompson
Controller #1 (uncredited) Controller #1 (uncredited)   See fewer
Bee Tompkins
Kate Jameson (uncredited) Kate Jameson (uncredited)   See fewer
Richard Van Vleet
Passenger in Military Uniform (uncredited) Passenger in Military Uniform (uncredited)   See fewer
Dawn Villere
Dawn Williams (uncredited) Dawn Williams (uncredited)   See fewer
Bud Walls
Dr. Alan Bramson (uncredited) Dr. Alan Bramson (uncredited)   See fewer
Rick Warick
Burt Ball (uncredited) Burt Ball (uncredited)   See fewer
Wally West
Commuter at Airport (uncredited) Commuter at Airport (uncredited)   See fewer
Vince Williams
Cleveland Dispatcher (uncredited) Cleveland Dispatcher (uncredited)   See fewer
Frederick Worlock
Frederick Williams (uncredited) Frederick Williams (uncredited)   See fewer
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