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  • Ulysses (1967)
  • Not Rated
    132 min | Drama
Ulysses (1967)
Not Rated
132 min | Drama

James Joyce's masterpiece incarnated: The story of two seperated Dublin wanderers, Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus, struggling to control their personal lives.
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Fred Haines (screenplay) | James Joyce (novel) | Joseph Strick (screenplay)
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Updated Mar 14, 1967

Release date
Mar 14, 1967 (United States)


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55 cast members
Name Known for
Milo O'Shea
Leopold Bloom Leopold Bloom   See fewer
Maurice Roëves
Stephen Dedalus Stephen Dedalus   See fewer
T.P. McKenna
Buck Mulligan Buck Mulligan   See fewer
Anna Manahan
Bella Cohen Bella Cohen   See fewer
Chris Curran
Myles Crawford Myles Crawford   See fewer
Fionnula Flanagan
Gerty MacDowell (as Fionnuala Flanagan) Gerty MacDowell (as Fionnuala Flanagan)   See fewer
Geoffrey Golden
The Citizen The Citizen   See fewer
Martin Dempsey
Simon Dedalus Simon Dedalus   See fewer
Eddie Golden
Martin Cunningham Martin Cunningham   See fewer
Maire Hastings
Mary Driscoll Mary Driscoll   See fewer
David Kelly
Garrett Deasy Garrett Deasy   See fewer
Graham Lines
Haines Haines   See fewer
Desmond Perry
Bantam Lyons (as Des Perry) Bantam Lyons (as Des Perry)   See fewer
Rosaleen Linehan
Nurse Callan Nurse Callan   See fewer
Joe Lynch
Blazes Boylan Blazes Boylan   See fewer
Maureen Potter
Josie Breen Josie Breen   See fewer
Maureen Toal
Zoe Higgins Zoe Higgins   See fewer
Jim Bartley
Private Carr (as James Bartley) Private Carr (as James Bartley)   See fewer
Colin Bird
Private Compton Private Compton   See fewer
Robert Carlile Jr.
Doctor Dixon (as Robert Carlisle Jr.) Doctor Dixon (as Robert Carlisle Jr.)   See fewer
Brendan Cauldwell
Bob Doran Bob Doran   See fewer
May Cluskey
Mrs. Yelverton Barry Mrs. Yelverton Barry   See fewer
Danny Cummins
The Drinker The Drinker   See fewer
Brenda Doyle
Actress Actress   See fewer
Tony Doyle
Lt. Gardner Lt. Gardner   See fewer
Meryl Gourley
Mrs. Mervyn Talboys Mrs. Mervyn Talboys   See fewer
Don Irwin
McCoy McCoy   See fewer
Des Keogh
Joe Hynes Joe Hynes   See fewer
Eugene Lambert
Costello Costello   See fewer
Peter Mayock
Jack Power Jack Power   See fewer
Pauline Melville
Actress Actress   See fewer
John Molloy
Corny Kelleher Corny Kelleher   See fewer
Clare Mullen
Florry Florry   See fewer
Ruadhan Neeson
Cyril Sergent Cyril Sergent   See fewer
Sheila O'Sullivan
May Goulding Dedalus May Goulding Dedalus   See fewer
Jack Plant
Denis Breen Denis Breen   See fewer
Lillian Rapple
Actress Actress   See fewer
Paddy Roche
Madden Madden   See fewer
Ann Rowan
Mrs. Bellingham Mrs. Bellingham   See fewer
Cecil Sheridan
John Henry Menton John Henry Menton   See fewer
Robert Somerset
Lenehan Lenehan   See fewer
Richie Stewart
Bookseller Bookseller   See fewer
O.Z. Whitehead
Alexander J. Dowie Alexander J. Dowie   See fewer
Biddy White Lennon
Cissy Caffrey Cissy Caffrey   See fewer
Louis Moiselle
Rudy Bloom Rudy Bloom   See fewer
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