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  • Scipione l'africano (1937)
  • 117 min | Drama, History, War
Scipione l'africano (1937)
117 min | Drama, History, War

A story of the Second Punic Wars, beginning with Scipio's futile pleas to the Roman Senate to build an army to battle Hannibal, that climaxes with the battle of Zama.
Carmine Gallone (story) (screenplay) | Camillo Mariani Dell'Aguillara (story) (screenplay) | Sebastiano A. Luciani (story) (screenplay)
Production Designer

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Updated Aug 4, 1937

Release date
Sep 21, 1939 (United States)


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58 cast members
Name Known for
Annibale Ninchi
Publius Cornelius Scipio Publius Cornelius Scipio   See fewer
Camillo Pilotto
Hannibal Hannibal   See fewer
Fosco Giachetti
Captain Massinissa Captain Massinissa   See fewer
Francesca Braggiotti
Queen Sophonisba Queen Sophonisba   See fewer
Marcello Giorda
King Syphace King Syphace   See fewer
Guglielmo Barnabò
Furius, fat Roman Furius, fat Roman   See fewer
Isa Miranda
Velia, a Roman woman Velia, a Roman woman   See fewer
Franco Coop
Mezio, Roman soldier Mezio, Roman soldier   See fewer
Ciro Galvani
Quinto Fabio Massimo Quinto Fabio Massimo   See fewer
Piero Carnabuci
Il Reduce della Battaglia Il Reduce della Battaglia   See fewer
Carlo Ninchi
Lelius Lelius   See fewer
Lamberto Picasso
Hasdrubal, advisor to Hannibal Hasdrubal, advisor to Hannibal   See fewer
Diana Lante
Moglie di Scipione Moglie di Scipione   See fewer
Raimondo Van Riel
Maharbale Maharbale   See fewer
Achille Majeroni
Principe del Senato Principe del Senato   See fewer
Carlo Tamberlani
Ambasciatore Romano Ambasciatore Romano   See fewer
Gino Viotti
Mercante Fenicio Mercante Fenicio   See fewer
Clara Padoa
Schiava di Sofonisba Schiava di Sofonisba   See fewer
Ugo Sasso
Ufficiale Ufficiale   See fewer
Mario Gallina
Ambasciatore cartaginese Ambasciatore cartaginese   See fewer
Olinto Cristina
Altro ambasciatore cartaginese Altro ambasciatore cartaginese   See fewer
Carlo Duse
Messo di Magone Messo di Magone   See fewer
Franco Brambilla
Ragazzo Romano Ragazzo Romano   See fewer
Antonella Steni
Una Bambina (as Antonietta Stefanini) Una Bambina (as Antonietta Stefanini)   See fewer
Franca Vella
Actress Actress   See fewer
Carla Zaccaria
Actress Actress   See fewer
Rosina Adrario
Actress Actress   See fewer
Antimo Reyner
Actor (as Antimo Reyneri) Actor (as Antimo Reyneri)   See fewer
Alberto Sordi
Comparsa soldato romano Comparsa soldato romano   See fewer
Alfredo De Antoni
Anziano Cartaginese Anziano Cartaginese   See fewer
Fernando Solieri
Anziano cartaginese Anziano cartaginese   See fewer
Mario Carotenuto
Extra (uncredited) Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
Alberto De Martino
Son of Scipio (uncredited) Son of Scipio (uncredited)   See fewer
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