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  • Madame Sans-Gêne (1925)
  • 100 min | Comedy
Madame Sans-Gêne (1925)
100 min | Comedy

A French washerwoman becomes a duchess and a friend of Napoleon.
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Release date
Apr 17, 1925 (United States)


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77 cast members
Name Known for
Gloria Swanson
Catherine Hubscher Catherine Hubscher   See fewer
Émile Drain
Napoléon Napoléon   See fewer
Charles de Rochefort
Le Febvre (as Charles De Roche) Le Febvre (as Charles De Roche)   See fewer
Madeleine Guitty
La Rousotte La Rousotte   See fewer
Warwick Ward
Neipperg Neipperg   See fewer
Guy Favières
Fouché Fouché   See fewer
Suzanne Bianchetti
L'Impératrice Marie-Louise L'Impératrice Marie-Louise   See fewer
Denise Lorys
Madame de Bulow Madame de Bulow   See fewer
Arlette Marchal
Marie-Caroline, la Reine de Naples Marie-Caroline, la Reine de Naples   See fewer
André Marnay
Savary Savary   See fewer
Kellermann Kellermann   See fewer
Alfred Argus
Mortier Mortier   See fewer
Carlos Avril
Tatoueur Tatoueur   See fewer
De Barthe
de Marsy de Marsy   See fewer
C. Borelle
Madame de Beaumont Madame de Beaumont   See fewer
Suzy Béryl
Madame de Vintimille Madame de Vintimille   See fewer
Manuel Caméré
Mortemart Mortemart   See fewer
Juliette Clary
Madame de Boeldieu Madame de Boeldieu   See fewer
Léon Courtois
Pérignon Pérignon   See fewer
Luc Dartagnan
Flambart Flambart   See fewer
Madame de Beauplan
Madame de Wasselot Madame de Wasselot   See fewer
Pierre Delmonde
Le frotteur Le frotteur   See fewer
Suzanne Delprato
Madame de Tallouet Madame de Tallouet   See fewer
J. Delys
Madame de Mortemart Madame de Mortemart   See fewer
Gaston Derigal
Saint-Marsan Saint-Marsan   See fewer
A. Dheibe
Madame de Bellemont Madame de Bellemont   See fewer
Christiane Dorivy
Madame de Kervon Madame de Kervon   See fewer
Christiane Favier
Madame de Bassano Madame de Bassano   See fewer
Jean Garat
Junot Junot   See fewer
Robert Guilbert
Lauriston Lauriston   See fewer
Madame de Canisy Madame de Canisy   See fewer
Paul Hubert
Canouville Canouville   See fewer
Jean Jacquinet
Berthier Berthier   See fewer
Émile Keppens
Constant Constant   See fewer
Diana Kotchaki
Madame d'Albignan Madame d'Albignan   See fewer
Davout Davout   See fewer
Jean Lorette
Bonaparte Bonaparte   See fewer
Madame Marelli
Madame de Bellune Madame de Bellune   See fewer
Ernest Maupain
Jourdan Jourdan   See fewer
C. Meignan
Madame de Brignoles Madame de Brignoles   See fewer
Louis Monfils
Sans-culotte Sans-culotte   See fewer
L. Morières
Madame de Belleville Madame de Belleville   See fewer
Madame de Chailly Madame de Chailly   See fewer
Émile Mylo
Jasmin Jasmin   See fewer
Raoul Paoli
Roustan Roustan   See fewer
Pierre de Ramey
Officer in Compiègne Officer in Compiègne   See fewer
Émilien Richard
Raynouard Raynouard   See fewer
José Roland
Robespierre Robespierre   See fewer
Madame Roth
Madame de Verville Madame de Verville   See fewer
De Rubens
Brigode Brigode   See fewer
Jacques Révérend
Serrurier Serrurier   See fewer
Émile Saint-Ober
Coiffeur Coiffeur   See fewer
Roger San Juana
Vinaigre Vinaigre   See fewer
Louis Sance
Louis XVI Louis XVI   See fewer
Georgette Sorelle
Madame de Rovigo Madame de Rovigo   See fewer
Suzanne Talba
Joséphine de Beauharnais Joséphine de Beauharnais   See fewer
J. Tisserand
Toinon Toinon   See fewer
Georges Tréville
Despréaux Despréaux   See fewer
M. Valentin
Bessières Bessières   See fewer
Renée van Delly
Actress Actress   See fewer
Marie-Antoinette Marie-Antoinette   See fewer
Raoul Villiers
Bernadotte Bernadotte   See fewer
Louis Vonelly
Maréchal Ney Maréchal Ney   See fewer
G. Young
Madame d'Adobrandini Madame d'Adobrandini   See fewer
Frédéric Zuifel
Masséna Masséna   See fewer
Jean Sablon
Extra (uncredited) Extra (uncredited)   See fewer
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