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After the Ball (1914)

A little maiden / Climbed an old man's knee, / Begged for a story. / Oh, Uncle please. / Why are you single? / Why live alone? / Have you no babies? / Have you no home? The story he tells her follows: John Dale is an eminent bachelor ...See moreA little maiden / Climbed an old man's knee, / Begged for a story. / Oh, Uncle please. / Why are you single? / Why live alone? / Have you no babies? / Have you no home? The story he tells her follows: John Dale is an eminent bachelor lawyer who has never felt the sting of Cupid's dart. A millionaire friend of John's invites him to join a yachting party. The girl that John may have been waiting for appears in the person of Louise Tate, who is accompanied by her father, James Tate; it is love at first sight. John is made a welcome visitor at the Tate home. The family consists of four persons: Mr. and Mrs. Tate, their daughter Louise, and their son Gerald. While at college Gerald played card games with the other students which caused them to be expelled from the institution. Gerald's father, learning of his son's disgrace, is enraged beyond measure and is about to order Gerald from his home when Louise and her mother intercede for him. Gerald finds his mother's necklace upon the library floor where it had fallen in her attempts to shield her son from the father s attack. Gerald takes the necklace to a pawnbroker and pledges it, intending to gamble and try to win enough money to pay his debts and have sufficient left to redeem the necklace. Gerald soon loses the money on the races. After missing her jewels the mother summons detectives, who find the missing jewels in the pawnshop. While the pawnbroker is receiving his check from Mr. Tate, Gerald walks into the room and is recognized as the one who pawned the necklace. He is ordered from his father's house forever. For his reckless dissipation he is sent to prison for four years. After escaping from prison, he returns to the city to obtain honest employment but is found by one of his former pals, who forces him by threats of exposure to join them again. In the meantime John Dale and Louise have become engaged. The annual Charity Ball is announced. This item comes to the attention of Gerald's underworld friends who select him to go to the ball to play his supposed trade of a thief, yet in his heart, he had made up his mind not to do anything dishonest. He goes to the ball where he meets his sister, Louise, who nearly faints when she sees him. As she totters Gerald places his fingers to his lips to indicate silence, and John just turns in time to catch Louise and assist her to an ante-room. While he goes for a glass of water Gerald appears, and while fondly kissing his sister, is discovered by John, who becomes so enraged that the glass falls from his hand and breaks to shards. Having never met her brother, John stands rooted to the ground by his sweetheart's supposed infidelity and demands to know why the strange man was kissing her. John takes Louise home where the quarrel is renewed and the couple, misunderstanding each other, never met again. John turns over his office to a junior partner and sails for a tour of the world. In the meantime Louise has slowly been dying of a broken heart. Gerald again breaks away from the gang, and under an assumed name, obtains employment in a large factory, where he is discovered and brought back to the prison, where he saves the life of a keeper and his term is shortened for the deed. Returning to the city, he learns of his sister's illness and, without being seen by his parents, he gains admission to her room, and soon he learns for the first time that he had been the cause of the lovers' quarrel. Louise, before she dies, exacts a promise from her brother that he will explain the scene at the ball to John. The death of his sister kills all the ambition in Gerald, who drifts again to his underworld friends, one of whom has selected a place for good pickings, as the owner of the house is away. It happens to be the home of John Dale, who has unexpectedly returned to his native country. John dispatches Briggs, his valet, with a note to Louise, asking if he may call, but is met by an old servant who tells him that Louise is dead. John is stunned by the news. The night of the robbery, Gerald is forced to climb into the window first where he discovers the photograph of Louise and, picking it up exclaims, "My sister," which is heard by John Dale, who draws his revolver and compels Gerald to hold up his hands. In that position he is found by the next member of the gang. He cries to his chum to stand aside as he levels his gun at John, but Gerald sacrifices his own life by jumping in front of John, who, tearing the mask from his visitor's face, discovers it is the man whom he saw kissing his sweetheart that night at the ball. With his last dying breath Gerald says to John "My sister shielded me that night at the ball, because I was an escaped convict." John is thunderstruck, "My God, her brother. What a fool I was not to have listened to her explanation." The scene dissolves back to the little child with her arms around her Uncle John, who murmured, "That's why I'm lonely, / No home at all. / I broke her heart, pet. / After the ball." Written by Moving Picture World synopsis See less
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Charles Harris (story and scenario) | Pierce Kingsley (story and scenario)

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Updated Jul 31, 1914

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Jul 1914 (United States)


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38 cast members
Name Known for
Herbert Kelcey
John Dale John Dale   See fewer
Effie Shannon
Louise Tate Louise Tate   See fewer
Robert Vaughn
Gerald Tate Gerald Tate   See fewer
William Clark
Mr. Tate - The Father Mr. Tate - The Father   See fewer
Winona Bridges
Mrs. Tate - The Mother Mrs. Tate - The Mother   See fewer
Robert Lawrence
Mr. Seward Mr. Seward   See fewer
Jean Barry
Mrs. Seward Mrs. Seward   See fewer
Joyce Fair
Nina Seward Nina Seward   See fewer
Nicholas Burnham
The Doctor The Doctor   See fewer
G.H. Adams
Briggs - John's Valet Briggs - John's Valet   See fewer
William Frederic
The Detective (as William Fredericks) The Detective (as William Fredericks)   See fewer
Edythe Berwyn
The Nurse The Nurse   See fewer
Barney McPhee
McPhee McPhee   See fewer
James A. Fitzgerald
Cody (as J.A. Fitzgerald) Cody (as J.A. Fitzgerald)   See fewer
Gerald King
Police Captain Police Captain   See fewer
D.J. Flanagan
First Plainclothesman First Plainclothesman   See fewer
J.P. Houston
Second Plainclothesman Second Plainclothesman   See fewer
George Creamer
Third Plainclothesman Third Plainclothesman   See fewer
Wilton Taylor
Prisoner Prisoner   See fewer
George Stanley
College Principal College Principal   See fewer
Roy Sheldon
Student Student   See fewer
Burk Symon
Student Student   See fewer
George Fox
Student Student   See fewer
G.A. Wellard
Pawnbroker Pawnbroker   See fewer
William Devery
Desert Guide Desert Guide   See fewer
William St. John
Captain of Yacht Captain of Yacht   See fewer
Nina Allen
Parisian Dancer Parisian Dancer   See fewer
Ellen Crane
Turkish Dancer Turkish Dancer   See fewer
Lydia Crane
Turkish Dancer Turkish Dancer   See fewer
Arabian Dancer Arabian Dancer   See fewer
Henry Kean
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Marie Leonard
Rene (as Marie Lennert) Rene (as Marie Lennert)   See fewer
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