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1. What is IMDbPro Discover? IMDbPro Discover is a powerful, new service that allows members to find people and projects based on a variety of key IMDb data. IMDbPro Discover is an ideal tool for casting directors, producers, directors, showrunners, department heads, and other professionals looking to cast or staff a project. It also includes advanced features to customize, export, and share your lists of people or titles.
2. Do I need to have an IMDbPro membership to sign up for IMDbPro Discover? Yes, all current IMDbPro members with a standard subscription in good standing are eligible to sign up for IMDbPro Discover.
3.How much does it cost? For a limited time, IMDbPro members get 50% off IMDbPro Discover. Standard pricing for IMDbPro Discover is $139.99 per year for annual members, or $14.99 per month for monthly members, in addition to your IMDbPro membership. Members using Discover for the first time will receive a 30-day free trial. Group Plan members are not eligible for a free trial. Click here to learn more.