Kumar Pictures [US]
Production | Distributor
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Past Film & Video (5)
  • Primary photo for Desert Rose
    Desert Rose (2007)
    MOVIEmeter: 592,426
    Production company, Distributor (2007) (TV) (United States)
  • Primary photo for From the Black Forest to the Piney Woods
    MOVIEmeter: 896,658
    Production company
  • Primary photo for The Waters of India
    MOVIEmeter: 1,042,707
    Production company
  • Primary photo for Smuggler's Paradise
    MOVIEmeter: 1,430,734
    Production company, Distributor (2007) (All media) (United States)
  • Primary photo for Goo!
    Goo! (2012)
    MOVIEmeter: 1,744,635
    Production company
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